fill your goblets

-fill your goblets

I have been digging inside myself
for far too long
I’ve hit water

drink your fill


Once, I was not enough.
Physically, I am probably still not enough.
When are we ever enough?
That’s why I will dig inside until my drill is blunt,
even then, with claws and teeth,
with my nose I will burrow.

There will be a time
where people will no longer be able to step over you like a puddle,
instead rush to the gushing stream that you are,
and beg to drink from your spring.

And being the person you are,
you will say, drink,
there is fill for everyone.

Fill your goblets,
fill your buckets,
fill your barrels
or create your pipelines,
there’s water yet.


Rust – The ever lustful


rustRust on wet Iron, the appetite is lust,
Devoted Iron, undress and bare skin to moisture,
Water is selfish, observe its transmutation,
Dissipate, dissipate, osmosis of a different kind, in rewind,
Alchemy of love, annihilation of mind.
Spectacular! Majestic unison is water on bare metal,
Two hydrogen’s and one oxygen – one molecule of consumption,
Otherwise life essential, now the serpent of lust.
Utter fixation, the selfishness becomes selflessness; the hydrogen separates from the oxygen.
Water, devoting a part of it, carving out its life giving force, a sacrifice to Iron.
Separation for procreation; gives birth to love,
Fungal beautiful, you long to witness cancer take form , to cause destruction.
Slowly, eating away, and the Iron, does not resist. It too offers itself.
Into cancers sharp incisors it donates its flesh.
“Consume me whole or don’t bother”, it says, but to a hungry serpent, tis a sweet invitation, un-refuted.

And what remains?


The echo of orange stained crying,

Blood stains,

Of the violent nature of loves most haunting affair,

Splattered, evidence of the purity of a love,

That can exist only in nature,

In primal, unadulterated, innate nature.


Forensic evidence of love’s presence:

background texture

The  picture above is by Stephen Scullion.
It has been used with his permission. He is a genius at capturing oceans, seas, stills at times where it seems all liveforms have ceased to exist.
You can find him on social media Instagram handle @surfpi
The original picture unfiltered is: