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Written by @heelturnpoet 

Sums it all up quite easily.
My thoughts
Let’s see your intellectualism now you war mongers. Let’s see your nationalistic pride, your patriotic ignorance, your prejudice and white supremacy laced privileged arses defend with the empty rhetoric of political jargon, lambasted through air waves, bombed into the minds of cattle-like consumers who just soak up this idiotic rhetoric like it fucking means a single thing.
Complicating the uncomplicated. 

Admit you’re greedy motherfuckers, admit you would trade hundreds of lives for a tenth of a decimal point increase in your stock value, your gun toting, bullet, bomb making, world destroying manufacturing, war industry and all the tangent business you run alongside it. 

Your folly is so pronounced though, you fail to realise amongst all these populations you seek and destroy, that amongst them may be your geniuses, your inventors, doctors, engineers, scientists, humanitarians and so on. 

You fail to realise that if you should promise children a life of education without conditions, that is, not education according to your destructive forced agendas of social engineering, that you may enhance your bottom line, that you may increase your profits. 

Teach people to offer their service, teach them through every way possible, through love, let them have their own cultures to share with the world, let them be paid, let them live in comfort and line your pockets further, we don’t care. 

Why on earth would you slay your chances with war, medication that kills, with diseases spread around to depopulate, with agendas of pillage and theft, of dehumanising people just so you can profit your measly sums when you could profit more by involving the whole human race.
The ‘owners’  of the monetary systems are the dumbest businessmen and women on earth. Utterly dumb. What will happen when there’s but a handful of you left and your seed (because we know your impotence and infertility is growing at alarming rates) will cease? Kill each other then, you war mongers. 

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Sometimes words spoken,
Hands shaken,
Deals hearkened,
By hearts hardened,
Cause the pictures to speak louder.
Your words spoke too loud this time,
And deafened this boy to the sound,
Of naught else but his consciousness.
Taught awareness of self at so young,
What will become,
What does he now have to overcome,
Your war drums,
Your missile hums,
Turning homes into slums,
How will this all be undone?
When the rhetoric of your politics,
is the same shit,
Same song, sung,
Same outcomes,
This boy sits,
As you pit your wits,

Desecration of The Art of War


I love listening to businessmen prattle
about “The art of war”, whilst sporting a
pot belly and being addicted to hookers
and cocaine.

Motherfucker, you couldn’t wage war
against yourself for one meal, but carry
on, your cheap cologne can’t mask your
sleazy stench.

Nor can all the money in the world lift
you out of poverty’s hole.

The art of war, is not on the ground, nor
against other humans,
it’s a battle against your soul.

When fat jerks become philosophers. Fuck yourselves!

The desecration of the work of Sun Tzu and ridiculing it to a bunch of business mantra’s makes me ill.

War, who’s keeping the score?


Of war I have only my minds glory,
The battle wounds are only imaginary,
I prattle my tongue in vanity,
As I sit in home’s comfort and serenity.

But they have no minds, any more,
Obliterated, defunct by throes of it all,
Bullets for breakfast, shells galore,
Bombs delivered, to the font door.

There’s no trivialising, no making sense,
Of wars purposes, and hidden intent,
Irrespective of lies and agenda pretense,
On faces, in souls, in eyes, the damage is immense.

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So go on complain, how your country has no room,
Admit it, you’re racist and in full bloom,
After your leaders destroy homes, bring utter doom,
Maybe if we called on natives of the earth to exhume.

indian genocide Australian-Aboriginal-Genocide
They’d attest to your murder and all your atrocities,
To your false establishment and forceful colonies,
Your utter racism, call it what it is; white supremacy,
Your indignation for humans and foreign policies.


You left your lives behind under false gallantry,
To bring destruction and disharmony,
Proud with your guns in all your glory,
The truth of it all will hit you, and forever yours is misery.

17 Nov 2010, Ar Raqqah, Syria --- Sheikh Ghazi Rashad Hrimis touches dried earth in the parched region of Raqqa province in eastern Syria, November 11, 2010. Lack of rain and mismanagement of the land and water resources have forced up to half of million people to flee the region in one of Syria's largest internal migrations since France and Britain carved the country out of the former Ottoman Empire in 1920. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri (SYRIA - Tags: AGRICULTURE ENVIRONMENT) --- Image by © KHALED AL-HARIRI/Reuters/Corbis

The earth will bare witness for what you have done,
Will come your day when of no avail will be your tongue,
When it consumes you whole under it’s maggots you succumb,
Under the thumb, in the slums, you’ll remain for beating your war drums!

I’m tired of mindless drivel. Endless philosophising, arm chair experts and shallow coffee talk. The reality of the matter is we’re all responsible. There is too much comfort in our lives for it not to be partially our fault.
Until every human from every walk of life shares the luxury of peace and security, we’re all the problem.
Our lives and lifestyles need fuel and a catalyst, the catalyst is war, the fuel is raped from the lands that are wrought with devastation and destruction, with genocide and pillage and with a convenient amnesia by us all, and on, into oblivion we continue thinking we are innocent and not responsible for the atrocities. Until it stops, the blood is on all our hands.



How Bad

How bad

How badly do you want the war to stop?
Will you fight for it?

How badly do you want to eradicate hunger and poverty?
Will you starve for it?

How badly do you want to stop sex abuse?
Will you lower your gaze around the opposite sex?

How badly do you want your children to be educated?
Will you pick up a book?

How badly you want  anything depends on the measures you will take to achieve it.

Comfort and achievement cannot marry except at the end of the journey.

Whomsoever seeks them at the beginning of the journey is doomed to be severed from both.