Egoïste – 29


There comes a point where loving someone goes beyond selfish needs but is so entwined in it that all becomes one and the same.

She had no other desire than to be burnt in His fire because everyone was after Him for themselves, she didn’t want Him for herself, she wanted Him for His sake alone.

Her self, had become effaced a long time ago, so she only saw Him.

That kind of a woman, I am utterly jealous of!

Those who know her name all are!


Egoïste – 28


He wants us to come to Him whole, but the only way to come whole is to strip away layers of our being until naked.

Naked souls with no garments of vices.

The ability to recognise your garments will determine how easily you can remove them.

That is the Egoïste’s aim, they want Him all to themselves.