The truth about my insides #Syria

I’ve found hypocrisy in a mouthful,
guilt in a morsel,
sin after sin, mindful,
and strangely, conveniently,

A satiation of sorts,
severed from thought,
the interstitial,
the residual,
carnal taunts.

Prodding whispers,
and gallant replies,
ego servitude,
smothered lies,
here I am,
there I’m not,
a slave of evil,
matter how hard I try.

As long as my children are safe,
as long as their bellies satiated,
I can mourn in the morning,
and feast in the evening.

And why am I so,
wavering in and out of states,
a haphazardous molotov,
of grief and joy,
sinister ploy,
ignorance and enlightenment,
reconciling at the pull of social deploy.

Here is the battlefront,
the war that rumbles and pulls on desires,
here is Syria,
welcome Wesam to hell,
your insides,
an ever kindling fire.


It’s that simple

Thank you to @sirenbella_23 for showing me this. 

Written by @heelturnpoet 

Sums it all up quite easily.
My thoughts
Let’s see your intellectualism now you war mongers. Let’s see your nationalistic pride, your patriotic ignorance, your prejudice and white supremacy laced privileged arses defend with the empty rhetoric of political jargon, lambasted through air waves, bombed into the minds of cattle-like consumers who just soak up this idiotic rhetoric like it fucking means a single thing.
Complicating the uncomplicated. 

Admit you’re greedy motherfuckers, admit you would trade hundreds of lives for a tenth of a decimal point increase in your stock value, your gun toting, bullet, bomb making, world destroying manufacturing, war industry and all the tangent business you run alongside it. 

Your folly is so pronounced though, you fail to realise amongst all these populations you seek and destroy, that amongst them may be your geniuses, your inventors, doctors, engineers, scientists, humanitarians and so on. 

You fail to realise that if you should promise children a life of education without conditions, that is, not education according to your destructive forced agendas of social engineering, that you may enhance your bottom line, that you may increase your profits. 

Teach people to offer their service, teach them through every way possible, through love, let them have their own cultures to share with the world, let them be paid, let them live in comfort and line your pockets further, we don’t care. 

Why on earth would you slay your chances with war, medication that kills, with diseases spread around to depopulate, with agendas of pillage and theft, of dehumanising people just so you can profit your measly sums when you could profit more by involving the whole human race.
The ‘owners’  of the monetary systems are the dumbest businessmen and women on earth. Utterly dumb. What will happen when there’s but a handful of you left and your seed (because we know your impotence and infertility is growing at alarming rates) will cease? Kill each other then, you war mongers. 

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Sometimes words spoken,
Hands shaken,
Deals hearkened,
By hearts hardened,
Cause the pictures to speak louder.
Your words spoke too loud this time,
And deafened this boy to the sound,
Of naught else but his consciousness.
Taught awareness of self at so young,
What will become,
What does he now have to overcome,
Your war drums,
Your missile hums,
Turning homes into slums,
How will this all be undone?
When the rhetoric of your politics,
is the same shit,
Same song, sung,
Same outcomes,
This boy sits,
As you pit your wits,

Wasted Flesh


Of what use is all this flesh
What do I do with this largesse
Strip me down to my bones
This is too much luggage to take home

Lord, I’m coming, help me be light
Travel with incense burning soul by night
I don’t want to be held to account
Excess flesh for sins to surmount

There are other bellies to fill
There are other souls to nourish
All I need is Your love
For my souls satiation to flourish.


My beginning of the year endeavour to reduce excess from my life, to un-clutter has so far been helpful. I am tall and of athletic build having devoted most of my years to sports and over half of my life to combat arts and brutal physical training, it comes with the territory to become robust and strong, broad shouldered and strong legged.

However, all of it is a waste, it all amounts to nothing and could be better layered on some of my less fortunate brethren.

The turn of events worldwide, the incessant war, creating skeletons of men and children broke my heart at the end of the year.

It isn’t a broken heartedness of literary appeal, it’s a brokenness, literal and real. I couldn’t eat. Seeing men who wove with their hands, laid bricks, erected structures, blacksmiths, masters of fine crafts, the pinnacle of educated and hospitable men of the Arab world, Syrian men turned to rubble of skin and bones, stacked on top each other like discarded excess firewood, I couldn’t put a morsel in my mouth without guilt.

Sorry world, you won’t enjoy hand sewed silken garments you were unable to get from anywhere but from the hands of those fine tailors. Your excess has driven your policy makers to gluttonous madness as they all vie to steal a land that is not theirs.

The world turns a blind eye to what it was and what it has become, eats it’s next meal and burps forgetfulness, amnesia fragrancing the air of their households as they wait for the next meal whilst barely wiping their lips of the one they just had.
No, that’s not my way any more.
I’ll eat once only and even that is too much.
I’ll drink my cup only to stop from falling over.
I won’t need this excess meat on my body. Meat that I most definitely will be held accountable for.

Without boast, I am happy to say I have discovered a finer elixir of weight loss than I have ever discovered in my twenty five years of training experience of which included tertiary study.

It quite simply is called shutting your mouth, swallowing morsels of pride, and eating bite fulls out of your ego until you subdue the carnal voices inside screaming at you to eat.

I’ve lost thirteen kilograms without trying, just vying, never to glutton again.