The supreme prayer


The Prophet Muhammad (pbbuh) was leading the prayer one day when he made signal to rise from bowing. Upon rising, the agreed upon tradition is to repeat Rabbana Wa Lakal Hamd (Oh my Lord, to you is all gratitude) after the Imam says “Sami’ Allah liman Hamida (Allah hears those who thank Him). So the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbbuh) repeated this but one man added ‘Hamdan, Katheeran, Tayiban Mubarakan fi’. (Gratitude in abundance, excellent and blessed). When they finished prayer, the Prophet (pbbuh) asked as to who said it. The companions were fearful that someone may have exceeded the boundaries of permissible actions during prayer. Eventually the man mustered up the courage and admitted to it. Much to his surprise the Prophet pbbuh said, ‘Indeed, I saw 30 angels all rushing towards you to see who would write down your rewards first’.
This is the power of gratitude.

The heart of matters

heart and god

I don’t get it. Over and over, all religions at their innermost core preach love and purity of heart. Why then are humans hell bent on ignoring it? Why then isn’t the heart the single most important focal point for all human beings? What is this madness that has captivated our attention and diverted us from our hearts and ultimately ourselves? Did you know that before the central nervous system develops in the foetus, the heart is the first organ to form? The brain is not even existent! The CNS is no where to be found yet we still have the audacity to question the heart sciences. No, not the cold, hard spiritless sciences of laboratories but the ones passed on from generations back which are taught by sages and masters to students.

Empire of dirt

In the end, what’s it all worth?

I believe Cash polished the edges of Reznors original. It is a masterpiece expulsion of the soul, an honesty for others to learn from.

Take heed, we’re all getting buried the same way. The earth will inherit us all.

Adam was fashioned from the earth and our final return is the earth. A sign for those that ponder enough, remain close to it.


Men who don’t know where they stand


This reality is better realised from a young age.
Too many anxieties are created in both men and women because they hold on to a false notion that they own a part of the world or that the world owes them recognition. The world bore you and will swallow you just as quick and as randomly as it chooses.
God does not discriminate. He created and took the life of many a sage, Prophet and noble person before us, we are not that precious.