introversion fifty one

It’s seldom I have met an insincere introvert. Their social awkwardness can easily be misunderstood, as they pale in comparison to their polar opposite extrovert.
Have patience with them, and you will come to understand what a vivid world they have amassed inside of them and how selflessly they will share it if they feel the same sincerity from you in return.





it takes a disconnect
a numbness
to assume i’m impressed with praise

only causes me bloat


when your natural habitat is inside
when your profession has been internal dialogue for so long
it becomes quite easy to weed out insincere language

words, prattled to make a clamour of noise
that does anything but receive the intended party well

say something of worth
or don’t say anything at all

using language
to fill in the gaps of civil exchange
is like throwing away the ripe fruit
to only eat the bitter seed
it nauseates me