Distancing from the ingrates


The hardest thing is to feed someone your entirety only for them to spit it back in your face.
Ingratitude laced with retaliatory and impulsive slurs, that are mined from a deep cesspool of hatred.
Because you rose above them, you bettered them. You shone a little brighter, you loved a little harder, you thought a little deeper, you lived a little happier, you became a little smarter, you prayed a little more sincerely and it all only has to be a little, it’s enough for envy to gnaw at their very being.
What a cancerous way to live.
Self destructing, self eating.
I pray for you, from a distance.
I cannot digest your intimacy any more.


Love letters

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I am saddened at the thought that a whole generation of young women will never have the opportunity of receiving a love letter.
Articulated – be it as poetic as Byron or as simple as a child’s innocence – with love and soul, carefully crafted, paper selection, ink and script, fragranced to suit your temperament, cursive leaning towards you as they cannot contain themselves from their advance, they are brimming to the top with ecstatic elation and a sorrowful hope that their efforts are realised and received.

Yours truly,