Introversion – twenty two


The highest form of introversion
is honesty within


Introversion is not some fancy word that can be hijacked by hipsters or people who find a niche in their lives just because they had a moment with themselves.

It’s a deep seated brutality of honesty that you cannot escape from. It clutches at you with the grip of a giant, crushing your soul as the Sufi’s say like a cardamom seed, only fragrant when squashed.

It is like the leaves of a citronella tree, bland looking, simple leaves but when rubbed together fragrant the room with an unmistakeable scent of lemon verbena, leaving the hands you rubbed with, stained with its fresh notes.

It is not a means of defence for disengagement and monasticism. The intimacy with ones self, bares a responsibility of sharing,

otherwise the word is not introversion, the word is selfishness.

Egoïste – 28


He wants us to come to Him whole, but the only way to come whole is to strip away layers of our being until naked.

Naked souls with no garments of vices.

The ability to recognise your garments will determine how easily you can remove them.

That is the Egoïste’s aim, they want Him all to themselves.


The Narcissist


She wanted him so dearly, at his request, she dived into his heart of sorrows.
Infatuated by his accomplishment to win her heart, he failed to realise she was drowning there.

He jumped into the darkness that engulfed her but being so narcissistic, he could not see her.
He marvelled at his own sorrows and killed them both.