I want to know the turning point of when it became normal for someone to say, ‘I’m not judging’ a person when they find out that person has had an extra marital affair. At what point did society sell its backbone, moral nerve network and courage to the truth, in favour of cowardice, pseudo niceties, and immoral acceptance of lewd and reprehensible behaviour?
What am I missing?

How has it become normal to feel guilty to use words of condemnation against immoral behaviour and normal to excuse that behaviour with faux language of non judgement and reluctance to speak truthfully?

Where in time did the hijacking of language and moral compass take place so that we allow it become so rampant in our society, that by default, anyone that speaks out is supposedly policed and accused of being judgemental?

It should serve as a warning to all that we’ve become complacent and accepted the narrative of a few weasel like post modern pseudo activists who are so far disconnected from the reality of activism that they wouldn’t know what to do if someone stole their lunch money let alone what to do in a real life situation where wars break out and front line men and women are needed to bravely stand against real tyrants and real threats.

They cannot operate on the battlefield, nor in the capital or political spheres. They cannot rub shoulders with intellectual, spiritual or philosophical giants and so they have created a fake arena where they enlist the support of the naive layman to justify themselves not through proper dialogue and solid arguments but attempt to drown out narratives through numbers only.

Notions of patriarchy, false morality, pseudo activism and fighting for causes that just do not exist have become the only currency they can trade with.

Alas, I digress, it’s still our fault as a collective for not standing up to these shills and intellectual dwarfs who sit like trolls at the end of rainbows. Rainbows are, optical illusions after all, and trolls exist in so much as they believe in these illusions.




The lowest form of identity

is patriotism


A belief that the name of a continent of birth defaults you to to practise prejudice against someone who’s own default steers them in the same but perhaps opposing manner as you, as if to say the purpose of humankind is to wipe each other out, of course in the name of grand old patriotism.

And politicians, governments and media are well aware of this, so they strip you of your true human identity, blast you with chemicals as soon as you leave the womb, myriads of injections, make your mother believe she doesn’t have the strength to do what a woman’s body is designed to do, cut you by force from her belly, and if she is lucky to deliver you naturally, cut the umbilical cord whilst it is still pulsating the love and nurture from her, a symbolic gesture of what lays ahead.

The chemical bombardment of drugs, food laden with toxins, water rancid with disease, an education model parading as liberating, a wolf in sheep’s clothing of the ulterior dumbing down of the masses and entrenching you in a separation from your true self, until you know nothing but this masquerade of what it is to be, to know your origin.

The severing of you from you begins the minute your fathers loins thought about finding a fertile home in your mother, both of them too, carrying the blood of manipulated and numb to the core beings, mindlessly obeying, worshipping the state and the system over what is truth and what is real.

And you…. well you have your patriotism, a golden stamp on your hand of your obedience to them.

Drape your shoulders in their flag,
tattoo their anthems on your breast,
congratulations, you’re not a patriot,
you’re bereft.




Sometimes words spoken,
Hands shaken,
Deals hearkened,
By hearts hardened,
Cause the pictures to speak louder.
Your words spoke too loud this time,
And deafened this boy to the sound,
Of naught else but his consciousness.
Taught awareness of self at so young,
What will become,
What does he now have to overcome,
Your war drums,
Your missile hums,
Turning homes into slums,
How will this all be undone?
When the rhetoric of your politics,
is the same shit,
Same song, sung,
Same outcomes,
This boy sits,
As you pit your wits,

Australia day: A celebration of genocide



I don’t veer into politics much, but when it is turmoiled with such a tragic day of shamelessness, I feel compelled to speak up.

I’m as alpha as males come, but this fucking ripped me. Mesmerisingly the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen…. fucking ever!

I wish more Australians appreciated culture in general and I wish once and for all this whole country would shut the fuck up and just listen….. the world has stories to tell, they’re ancient, the world is ancient. Australia is ancient. It is not two hundred and eighteen years old, any child who learns about Aboriginal heritage will be able to fill you in, adults though, a strange amnesia hangs over their heads in perpetual dark clouds.

In three days the nation will shamefully celebrate a monstrous atrocity.

We hail the name of a lying crook, a thieving peasant, a murdering, pillaging remnant of a human who was then raised to high status by her royal bitch, the Queen of putridness.

This shameful day I don’t celebrate. I might find a corner to mourn in, to share warmth with brethren who are hurt by this gesture, to cloak them in anything, serve a cup of tea, a word of sorrow…. anything but celebration.

I know the ceremony is meant to celebrate union and love, but there can be no love in a relationship culture-less and void of heritage. It just made me reflect on all cultures of the world and their various ceremonies, and more importantly Aboriginal heritage and culture, their ceremonies, their dances and how we’re so fucking racist after all this time, that a small cultural gesture scares the fuck out of a nation of tough guy footballers. The nation loses it’s mind over a cultural dance and spear throw, in the words of Aamer Rahman, their fake white feelings were hurt by a fake spear throwing’, so fucking fake Australia…. so poignant a reaction. I guess being fake, you recognised something and it hit a nerve.

Two hundred and eighteen years is not a culture and there are still people who cannot comprehend this. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another two hundred and eighteen to repent and pay penance.

But for now, cry as I did from this video…. Amazing…..

Watch the video first…. then read the words underneath the video of what the Haka translates to.


Pay attention
Listen up, take your stance!
Arms outstretched,
out and back!
Kss Kss

What is right is always right!
In – deed!
What is right is always right!
Ah… yes!

Be true to yourself, my son!
My concerns have been raised about you, so pay attention!…. .
What is this problem you are carrying?
How long have you been carrying it for?
Have you got that? Right, let’s go on.

So son, although it may be difficult for you
and son, although it seems to be unyielding
no matter how long you reflect on it
the answer to the problem
is here inside you.
Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Yes, indeed!


Are you in control?




If you ensure that the words you use are not comprehensible by the general mass of people in your audience, you let them feel inferior to you. This becomes the way to hold authority over them whether they want to be subjugated to it or not.

Subconsciously from a young age, we are trained to fall victim to such methods.
The ones who think they are free are the most controlled.

The bread and circus for the masses continues and the people in power continue their ways. The negligence of the layman to care, is ironically a type of laziness and slavery, not freedom.

There are many methods to do this. Money, education, pharmaceuticals, fear, wars, water and more.

One of the simplest and most unrecognised ways is control of language and nomenclature, putting it just out of reach of the laymen enough to make them think they posses no power to effectuate change.

You wouldn’t be doing yourself a disservice by expanding your cultural and literature awareness of various types of languages and nomenclature. In fact you’d be engaging in one of the most liberating experiences possible. When you do come to awareness of it, you will regret the lost time being unaware of this condition.
Educate your children, give them as much exposure to people outside their comfort as possible.
The easiest way to do that is for yourself to lead the way. Kids are great imitators.
I will continue this in another much lengthier post.

The hunter and the hunted



Don’t believe the hunter

He’s already killed the evidence.


This was inspired by an African Proverb which says

“Until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”

We have very real problems in our world where the victims are made out to be the perpetrators.

Obviously there are exceptions where the perpetrators are exactly who they are, but plenty of times, societal norms, stereotyping, media, politicians, religious leaders and more will all conveniently twist the truth to suit agendas.

The only thing one can do to circumvent such manipulations is through human interaction. It is by switching off the media and let it die a slow and painful death, much like turning off a life support machine.

If you want to live, truly live, be happy, love people and be loved you have to let go of artificial stimulation. You must disconnect from the fabricated and inorganic mediums of manipulation.

I hear women oft repeat how they want to be loved for who they are on the inside yet they try so hard to wear a mask of who they are on the outside. The media spurs this on ad naseum.  How can he know you if you hide behind a mask? Strip back your layers, whether it literally be excessive make up or facades of personality. Be you, unadulterated. So what if the guy you desire doesn’t like you, is he really then the guy of your desire? I guarantee you the guy who likes you bare will be the one who will make you happy.

I see men, confused, unable to express their emotions, because it’s not the image they’re taught to express. They don’t know how to compliment a woman without making her feel like an object. They don’t know how to make her blush with bashfulness just with kindness and well intended gestures because the music and media they are raised with pushes a false bravado of Alpha on to them when in reality they whimper at the shadows of their soul, at their ego commanding wretched desires, anger, hate, envy, showing off, excessive misplaced lust and lack of chivalry and honour to name a few. All this precipitates into a cowardice that manifests fast in the thick of battle of their egotistical affairs or worldly matters or more importantly, their inner world which they fail to recognise they have.

Make no mistake,  you’d be doing yourself a grand favour by disconnecting, by never listening to media. By never cheerleading fear mongerers and learning how to shut down bigots and haters.

It’s your mind, your soul, your life, your choice…….. yes you do have a choice!