The Elixir 18 – Mockery Poverty

the elixir 18

The person who finds solace in mocking others, suffers from an intellectual poverty that cannot be alleviated save through one means only, a humiliation that knows no beginning or end, silence and abandonment.

Their bitterness leaves them alone and desperate. They cannot grasp concepts, truths, divinity, see anything further than their nose’s appraisal, their ego’s lure, so they therefore ridicule what they cannot understand.

To let someone in your life is such a sacred offering and people don’t value it, nor honour its sacredness.

People just walk into your house, your domain with soiled boots, eat from your plate, spit in it, sully your wash place and walk out leaving a stench inside that never goes away.

Think twice about attacking someone’s very personal sacredness, especially if they offered you the trust to enter.

I’m at the end of my wit, with less than a handful of people I can trust with my mind, my heart, my soul. People that don’t litter inside of me or for lack of better vernacular, people that don’t waltz in and take a shit on the carpet of my soul.