his love
his rearing
was abandonment

throwing me into the sea to drown
but look, I swim, I swim


where is the point of reconciliation
where the hand grips
or the palm opens
where we have to deflate the life jacket
with faith
in hope
holding our own hearts
to let theirs grow

with every beat
every breath
trusting in the unknown
trusting in them to be able to rise to the surface
and tread walk back to safety
the next time
jumping in by themselves
making you feel this raft you built
was not pointless

salute to parents who try
sincerely reflect and try
who aren’t just yoyo’s of social engineering
who question everything
who question themselves more than anything

I can’t figure for the life of me
my fathers method
but it’s too late
I have my own to worry about
they’re more deserving of my concentration
than to figure out the nuances of me


Ego downgrade



One of the most destructive things you can do as a parent is to never check your child’s ego. You then raise a person that grows to be a spoiled brat well into their adult life. A monster that everyone has to step out of the way for as their ego fills the room and bulldozes all that is in front.

They make lousy spouses, lousy employees and indecent human beings that run through life with blinders on, tunnel visioned in their ignorance of people around them. If you haven’t been taught from a young age about how to subdue your ego, do yourself a favour and pick up a book or two by the great Muslim Sufi scholars who are the masters that carried on the traditions of Islam in teaching appropriate human mannerisms and thorough character development to benefit yourself and mankind.