Question for artists…..


Comfort begets laziness, 
begets stagnation, 
begets impurity, 
begets pungency, 
begets death.

What do you feel allows your art to manifest? Is it comfort, is it knowing your bills are paid, debts taken care of, money in the bank, ease of lifestyle and sound body and mind? Or is it striving and struggling, pain and or illness, discomfort, trials, tribulations etc? Or is it a balance between the two? Is it something else completely? How does your art, be it writing, painting, music, drawing, crafts, spoken word or any form of art, manifest. What are the conditions you need present to have it come out of you?
Please share your personal view based on yourself, not others.

Agitation for art


Reflecting back on my youth until present, whether it was paint, drawing, music or writing even building and fabricating, none of it could occur without an underlying gnawing of agitation.
Agitation of the mind, heart or soul, something had to be agitated for art to manifest.