Wafts, heaves, cheats, ashes


What I remember is

Sweat on breath, wafts of hair,
Heaves on chest, eyes stare, bare.

Gnash on neck, glaciers on hearts,
Mascara specks, separated by worlds apart.

Culture demands, excuses to cheat,
Melted by heat of hands, auction your meat.

Sully and satiation, desires demands,
Heart devastation, ego’s commands.

Autumn Geisha, a season for mourn,
Sunflowers, freesia, never to be born.

Dried and withered, arid and dehydrated,
Black not red, ashes, cremated.


What she wanted, she got.
Ego fill, belly pot.
Foreign flesh, never forgot
Pungent stench, cheaters rot.

Crimson Veil

Crimson veil2

Blood and marrow
Under her nails
She hid her secret
Beneath a crimson veil
Devourer of hearts
Emptier of souls
Elated his spirit
Set it to sail

Slayer of mind
Axe murderer of sorts
Intrepid assassin
Hacker of thoughts
Displeased with mediocrity
Bored by the mundane
Satisfied only
By his mort


Egoïste – 9

egoiste 9-2

Are you prepared for Him?

I have incense burning,

My soul is yearning,

It’s just You and I