Dear Australia

aboriginal flag

Dear Australia,

I am sorry, I am not donning the red white and blue today.
This in no way or form makes me an ingrate to the privilege I have enjoyed growing up in this country.

This makes me a human, in full working capacity, able to acknowledge truths when they stand above him, when they stare him in the face in the back alley of his soul.

I can’t take those truths on no matter how hard I try and it is not because of lack of ability to intellectualise, theorise, philosophise or fantasise, whatever one of those ‘ise’ I implore, they are misdirection, misspelling of one word, LIES.

I am big, I am strong and I am secure in my convictions. I am faithful, I am honest and I am kind to my fellow man. I have a heart and I have a soul and I certainly have a mind and they all direct me to put my fists down, to submit my mind, to squeeze my heart and to hold my breath as I dive into oceans of truths that lay secrets buried under beds of atrocities anchored to the history of what makes this country.

I am ashamed. I am not of white descendants. I am not of European colonialist background, my ancestors had nothing to do with the genocide of the original custodians of this land, but I am still ashamed and the burden of guilt grows more and more as I age.

My own people have faced persecution too. For over one hundred years, white supremacy aims to drill into the heart, to burn the fabric of our cultures too. We’ve experienced genocide in the thousands of millions, uncountable numbers for no reason than also being custodians of land that contains valuable resources, that is conveniently in the way of their money pursuits, politics being the scapegoats for the reality of pure greed, brown skin the marketing medium to justify their propaganda push to kill people, human beings, people with cultures and heritages thousands and thousands of years old.

So my Aboriginal brethren, I feel your anguish, never in the manner that can be materialised into the raw emotion that I witness on your beautiful faces, but I feel something. I can’t raise a thumbs up on this day, I can’t raise my eyes from the floor, I share your mourn. I share your sadness. I taste the bitterness that lingers without a sweetness to numb it ever. The taste becoming the familiar flavour forcing an inability to palate anything else.

Please accept my apology for not doing enough, not feeling enough, not knowing enough and being oblivious to anything but myself for all these years.

To God we belong and to God we return, collectively in front of Him will we be stripped naked of our hypocritical clothes, of our oppressor skin, of our privileged flesh and our sullied bones.

There with nothing but our souls, will the court room doors be flung open and in front Him will there be one witness to put us away, to close the trial on us. Our souls will testify against us and we will all pay for that guilt. The laws of nature are the laws of God, there can be no semantic outbursts of fanciness around this. The nomenclature of the soul will bare witness, it’s time humanity became familiar with that nomenclature, to perhaps spare itself the trial that awaits it, the perpetual torment that will haunt us when the trumpet is blown.

Forgive me



This article is one of the best I have read. Do yourself a favour. Put down the beers, the flags and the barbecue tongs. Read something and learn.

Ransom for freedom – 3

ransomed for freedom - 3

It’s your body, do what you want with it, put whatever pill or drug you want into it but the rulings been out for over a hundred years.
It’s just good that we now have more means to spread truth than yesteryear when an aristocracy controlled everything.

How anyone in their right mind can sweep under the rug the dark history of vaccinations, how they can be washed over with amnesia to only recent occurrings is beyond me.

The science is completely opposite of what is espoused in trained parroted and dogmatic literature of the predatory elite.
Edward Jenner, the father of vaccinations killed all his maids when trying to prove his vaccination theories, ironically of which his predecessor Louis Pasteur abandonned. Louis, unlike Edward was actually a scientist, a doctor. Edward was just a dairy farmer with no medical or science training. Alas, a good business man. Ruthless to be exact.

This did not deter him from selling the lie to the British Govt.
This also did not deter the British Govt from seeing a wider future that serves their Eugenics needs. They learned to attenuate diseases enough to not kill people but to contaminate them enough to make them ill, dumb them down and weaken their spirits.

People under control make a better, manoeuvrable population. The ones that die off are collateral damage that serve the population control demands according to their logic.

Fast forward over a hundred years and nothing has changed. The advances in science and delivery mean that they can extend the damage into later life and switch it on to leverage into other ailments and treatment, specifically cancer, the most lucrative market of them all.

The DNA damage is immediate and lifelong. People have not experienced the beauty of robust and real health and assume the walking zombie of a population we now have is what normalcy is. It is not, it is a weakened, dumbed down version of human that the majority is familiar with.
Familiarisation is comfort. Comfort is laziness. Laziness is passive and passivity is laxity.

On and on can the trespassing continue into your life until you own none of it.
Ask yourself why in an age where most diseases are literally non existent is the western side of the world being bombarded with media mantra promoting an increase in vaccination, and in some countries forcing people to do it or bribing them through financial coercion?

Follow the dots, and don’t be a pawn.

It’s your body, your mind, your soul. Don’t let anyone tell you how to own them.



Cancer lies II

cancer lies II

If it is hard for you to understand this one, to break it down, cancer is the body’s immune system caving in. No longer is health an option when DNA damage is so far that the the body becomes self destructive, rather than self healing.
In normal people, we are all born (when born in health) with an innate ability to self heal. Call it a hard coded program. Your DNA is the backdrop, your go to manual when all else fails.

Eating and lifestyle habits take you to such an extreme that your DNA gives up, the immune system looks for answers but it sees torn pages, missing pages, burnt pages or blank pages.

It then does what any mechanism without guidance does, it eats at whatever it can to survive.

The body performs suicide to try and maintain dear life without guidance for as long as it can. Cancer in effect is really the immune system trying to make you live as long as possible without the help of DNA, it is suicide, but it is love, an intimate physiological love.

The preposterous notion that radiation and chemotherapy can work is the single most inhumane hoax, lie and deception passed on society today.
Three supposed methods of healing in western medicine are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and two above are actually cancerous in and of themselves.

To think you can wipe out an immune system and hope it regenerates whilst not addressing the underlying issue of DNA damage which is why cancer is even prevalent is beyond stupidity.

This is why it is no longer a hippy trend. No longer can the cronies with power, the medical industry lie to people. The natural healing methods are out there and people are curing themselves through lifestyle choices, proper technology methods and better eating habits.

I included technology above because one scientist in particular gets it, and has been curing patients for longer than thirty years! He knows that at the root, it is DNA damage and he has figured out how to help restore damaged DNA chemically and fast, curing largely incurable forms of cancer. The scientists will tell you it is impossible to both damage or change your DNA, because it suits their crux agendas. RUBBISH! Eat a diet full of destructive chemicals and sit on your arse and watch how in one year you write your death will.


Cancer lies – I


.jcancer lies I



It starts as a small fungus. It requires sugar. It creates a satiation and gluttony in the individual. Couple that with lack of exercise, cortisol, bad diet and any other method that starves the body of oxygen or the body’s ability to process oxygen, causing cellular damage unresponsive to oxygen, and then you get a beast that turns on itself. That beast is called cancer. It scavenges at all it can see to scrape molecules of oxygen. We know a state deprived of oxygen is acidic. Cancer, loves acidity. There are a multitude of things which contribute to acidity. Sugar, being one of them, lack of oxygen being another. Foods laden with certain macro nutrients even, drugs, pharmaceuticals and more. Lack of exercise and the body’s inability to digest oxygen also contributes.

As mentioned in a previous post, ‘ If you want to control a population, create nomenclature, unrecognisable by laymen.’

Cancer is not exempt from this. The medical industry is wrought with creating a vagueness of incomprehension around the disease, giving rise to the fog that already exists around it for most people.
If you’re somewhat slightly scientifically trained, and merely  aware of some physiological and biochemical basics, the literature and nomenclature is not hard to sift through.

I hope to share some of these things by breaking down the walls of mystery and exclusivity that doctors, medical industries and their lapdogs all but enjoy to the profitable demise of humans.

This is another series I want to start.
Poems, musings, thoughts and prose. Writing and anecdotes. Aphorisms and metaphors. All of it.

The goal is for it to gain traction in hopes for people who have battled through it or battling through it or know someone who has lost the battle, friends, family or just empathic people who recognise the travesty that has become this disease that seems so  prevalent nowadays, will be supported or support one another.

It will be laden with truths, with things that are hard to digest, things that challenge the status quo, some that agrees. Either way, the point is to make it thought provoking and have the public engage.

I hope you can share with your friends and family.


Lies about truth


‘The truth shall set you free’ is a lie.

The truth will captivate you and
hold you hostage to its majesty,
you won’t ever want to leave.

For the sincerely truthful, that is, for the brutally honest, the truth is not something that grants you freedom. It chains you at the pillar of unnerving bravery and courage. With chivalry you will stand, with honour you will die, if you only just live with truth.

Truth of excavating your soul, mining deep within it’s uncertainties and swimming in the ocean of ‘I don’t know’, but being sincere enough to dry yourself with the sand of ‘I believe’, when the trinket of gold, the diamond or the pearl falls into your hand.

More importantly having internal eyes that can see it even amongst the dirt, the rubble or the foam.

We lie to ourselves confusing being honest with trivial daily dealings as being the definition of truth.

Steal my money, tell me I’m beautiful when I am grotesque to look at, tell me my words are poetic, when they are pathetic, lie to my face as much as you please over all things mundane, but don’t lie to me about truth. That, my ears don’t need to be trained for, my soul will filter you out with ease.


The worship of lies.

The longing of the ego’s martyrdom

Comprehension is dependant on your brutal devotion to Truth.

What you arrive to understand,
Is dependant on your level of commitment to truth,
How far you’re willing to challenge your ego,
Your own beliefs in search for the ultimate reality.
Those in search of its brutality will arrive.

The domain will expel cowards,
Only those willing to be carved by the sword of Truth,
Can revel in its plenitude.
Tis a fierce environment,
Though thoroughly rewarding,
Only sages spring forth.

The truth doesn’t hurt, that’s a liars perspective.
The truth murders you and leaves behind your corpse for proof.
The ‘you’ we are referring to is your innermost core, the cellular erratics that cannot sit still, and buzz with a fever for martyrdom at the alter of truth.

Your perspective of it matters naught,
Your preparedness to die, does.


Extremism has no religion.


If ever there was an example made that extremists are ugly no matter what hideous corner of belief they espouse, it has been in the viral story of fourteen year old Ahmed, singled out as an extremist and being far from it, ironically by real extremists, that is his school teacher, principal and the police force which mistreated him at the school.
You don’t have to blow up a building or slaughter innocents to be labelled an extremist, you can be so defunct and devoid of soul and character, utterly lacking in wisdom and sound judgement and be fuelled by ignorance but more predominantly your arrogance and reluctance to see any other view but your own, and that would make you far worse an extremist in my opinion.


Noise Fein

Image credit: Flickr/Photo Monkey


When the noise becomes too much

Come with me and I’ll show you how to walk amongst the tombstones of silence.

I’ll guide you through the mist of unfamiliarity

As you struggle to recognise your inner most thoughts

Not by chance is your soul a corpse

By your own hand you bludgeoned it

As you feined for noise.


The extrovert delusion


I love this quote by Mary Walsh. It was in review of Susan Cain’s book titled: Quiet, the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.

To say I am excited to read this book is an understatement. Without spoiling it too much, the praises are never ending and it’s description is something that appeals to me.
I’m utterly dissatisfied with the status quo of my and my fellow younger generations. Their utter disregard for the quiet achiever’s resolve, focus and ability is an imbecilic crime against ourselves and one another.

The worship of the extrovert has done nothing more than create a culture so superficially void and defunct that we will be feeling the pain of our momentary lapse in the time-space of eternity for a very long time.

We will be remembered for our ignorance and our ability to purposefully dumb each other down. Self inflicted stupidity, lack of intelligence seen as cool and the praise of self-admittance to lack of literary and educational prowess are so prevalent that if you differ, you’re an outcast waiting for the barrage of psychiatrists to invent a disease for your condition.

I am somewhat saddened but feel this overwhelming urge to forge an army of intelligent people, introverts of the highest order, the ones who care not for the glamour and fame but the ones who would sit for hours on end watching an organism grow so that they can record and understand it more in the wider scope of other organism, in hope to find a cure to help if but one person, just because he or she WANTS to. The ones who will strum their guitar until their fingers bleed so they can play a riff of perfection to make your hairs stand on end, one riff, that is all. The ones who will not stop reading until they have encompassed enough inside themselves to be able to pass if only one tenth of what they know on to another generation. The ones who will not separate a relentless drive and ambition for business success from morals and ethics and fight their ego despite the pressure of outside forces in their dealings. The ones who will throw away canvas upon canvas, waste oil and wear brushes, be buried in their rooms for days or weeks to produce a visual treat.

Introverts are belittled by default, but try as you may, when the shit hit’s the fan, the extroverts don’t know what to do, it’s to the ones who spent enough time resolving themselves that we all turn to, to their knowledge, wisdom, abilities or at least their candour and calm in the wake of the storms around us.

Next time you feel like making fun of or joining in on a back-biting and gossip session about the new kid at school or the employee who drinks water instead of beer at your social gatherings or the person in the street who just doesn’t quite fit in, know that they might have a few years or leagues above you, gained only by their introversion.

Do yourself a favour and add this book to your collection.