default pity

It’s the pity that drains me.

Somehow it overtakes the reality,
that you’re still breathing,
still functioning,
yet they dumb down their speech,
their interaction with you,
offering you a dispensation,
kindness by default,
talking to you,
like you’re not sophisticated enough,
not acute enough,
not alive enough,
not human enough.

The empathy they afford,
is loaded with white fragility,
with hyper sensitivity,
wrought with disclaimers,
anchored with fine print,
that they wallow in a bath of victim-hood,
because entitlement keeps their noses,
pointed up if only figuratively,
and they assume,
you’re in need,
of their constructed lulling,
their entitled guilt,
and sinister faces.

Thank you for your fake smile,
your agenda creased corner of your eyes,
your aged skin,
over half a century old,
over half a century dead,
and still not a human,
still barely a person.

being kind,
not out of pity,
but because it is your very essence.



I know

i know

I know,

Because you’re a poem, that wont depart my lips,
Tongue to palate, teeth stutter, swollen throat, infected tooth,
You’re sweetness is acidic,
How long you gestated in my belly before regurgitating to my mouth,
Dormant, reluctant now familiar with my insides,
At the gates, you’re a checkpoint, holding back the words you want,
Letting go the ones of no use.
Try as I may, to expel you, you won’t leave.
I know you because you’ve been with me for so long.
Bubble gum on my shoe,
Spat out by someone  far less kind than me,
A gnawing cavity, you caused him,
He didn’t see the poetry in you.
Stay as long as you need to gather yourself,
Make sure when you do, you leave as a flame,
Incinerate the evidence that you lived in my mouth,
I don’t need any more squatters.

Human recipe

In my family,
We have age old recipes.

Recipes from the beginning of thyme,
Rose water, vinegar and fine wines.

Not wine of the alcoholic kind,
Wine for the ego, soul and sullied mind.

We’ve garnished our ego’s for centuries,
Stove top boiling jealousy.

We’ve brothed our marrow for covetous greed,
Envious of others with gluttonous mead.

Stirred our emotions to anger and rage,
A dash of fire-belly, beast out of the cage.

Followed prescriptions, against our brethren,
Increase the stock, for more possessions.

Debate, prattle in pots of gossip,
When that’s not enough, backbite a dollop.

Yes we’re flesh eaters, barbaric heathens,
But we’re just another family, we’re humans.

In my family we also have remedies,
Cures for sick hearts and ancient maladies.

We love, and let it simmer in Turkish pots,
We sip tea together with drowning sugar blocks.

We apologise with chilli red eyes,
We wipe with woven hand towels our salty eyes.

We share our olives, down to the pit,
We spread with honey, lies, to make amends, with Arab wit.

We pour olive oil on wounds, and gargle with salt,
Clean filth with forgiveness, and find no fault.

We’ll spice with turmeric, curry or cumin,
Cure cancer, mend abscesses,
Add any ingredient,
Because like you,
We’re just humans.


Darling you, send me.

send me
You remind me of words of a scholar…. ” Heavens real estate is vast. I don’t think we’ll have a housing issue in heaven.”

The subtlety in his words is a tap on the shoulder for the unaware, the oblivious, the ill who think the world and all it contains is written for them only, and the kingdom that awaits us, is proximity inhibited, like land taxes will apply.

They view heaven as a cage, because they are caged themselves and all we want to do is say, “Here….. Here is the key, we have a spare one for you, unlock yourself, or if you like, I’ll show you how to make a key, the key is love.”

But for the aware, it’s not a tap on the shoulder, it’s a rake of the knuckles,  get out there,  go share,  be love, vibe everywhere. If you don’t give your key to everyone, then at least uncage as many people as you can.

Heaven is vast, thinking of it any other way is a reflection of your limited comprehension of God, his Mercy and His Generosity, His subtlety, His Beauty, His Largesse, His Tender yet Omnipotent Love.


Enjoy Gregory Porter transporting you to the place you want to be.

Kindness and generosity.


Give of yourself so graciously that in the

end you efface the receiver and their

tongue speaks  involuntarily,

“You’ve been kind to me”

‘Kindness never touched something except it made it more beautiful and cruelty never touched something except it made it more vulgar.’

Those words are immortal and sadly many of you will never know their origin because of the outrageous picture painted in the media nowadays of a people who are known worldwide by tradition to be the most hospitable and generous. What has culminated now in their modern new age generations are self fulfilling prophecies against their own heritage. They’ve severed themselves from their true history and instead indulge in reinforcing stereotypes of what society and media presents them as.

You will still find cultural pockets of tradition in Morroco, Egyptian deserts, Turkey, Yemen, Jordan and other Bedouin cities where the kindness and generosity will shame you into the above state of expressing gratitude involuntarily.


You can do many things to Arabs, I mean real, traditional Arabs, the type that know who they are and are tied to all things spiritual and are in love with humankind, not the bogus media pin up boys and girls that are blasted into your retina,  but one thing you cannot do is call them miserly. If you do that, you may as well have killed them!

That is the highest insult for men and women of tradition.

Kindness trumps intelligence.


Jeff Bezos recounted a story where he was taught a lesson by his grandfather. You can read the story here or watch it here but the gist of it is, he was being a clever young man when he happened to use his wit in a harmful way. His grandfathers words to him were:

“Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.”

For three days now those words have haunted me. Every now and then you read or hear something that rattles your bones or stops you dead in your tracks. Upon hearing those words, I took one of those deep sighs like when someone smacks you a good one in the thorax. My heart felt heavy and breathing slowed right down as I put myself on trial.

How often I let my intellect beat my forbearance, overcome my mercy or hold hostage my kindness only for it to be let loose like a rabid dog gnawing at someone else’s inability to retort back or playing a silly tit for tat should they be a worthy adversary.

I felt so bad for all the fights I’ve had, verbally or electronically.

It daunted upon me how rotten we are as humans, using ‘gifts’ as Jeff calls them to our detriment. Using intelligence to put someone else down, using intelligence to garner a favourable position even though it may not be honourable or imbued with integrity.

Why do we place so much emphasis on intelligence and so little on kindness? Would you rather a spouse or partner that could prove the sky is pink to you with philosophical rants ad nauseam or would you prefer a person shrouded in kindness and mercy? Is intelligence really that attractive when put in that light?

How many a husband or wife have used their intelligence to cut through the marital fabric, the carefully evolved tapestry of love between a couple that has survived the ages?

How many a daughter has spoken ill of her mother because she doesn’t fit into her social construct of what it means to be a woman, forgetting the kindness and patience her mother afforded her as she developed and was allowed the freedom to develop into the person she now arrogantly displays to the world as sophisticated and powerful?

How many a father has shattered the dreams of his son when he longed to build things with his hands when instead he was forced into a field he bore no passion towards.

The examples can pour on forever, but the take home message is, put yourself on trial and think about the things you’ve said to win an argument, to appear cool, intelligent, gather attention or rise to a position by using your intelligence and your gifts in a negative way then account yourself and make amends. Apologise, return the rights of the person, seek forgiveness, vow to change, apply yourself by the maxim of ‘Unless you have nothing good to say, then remain silent’. In the words of the noble Prophet Muhammad,

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”

I’ve watched oldie a few times and I still get pleasure out of it every time.