Ego, Junior isn’t the most important person in the world.

Junior gets no ego prodding from me.

We have to stop with this culture of building frail human beings.

You suck, there’s nothing wrong with being told that.

The quack psychologist who developed the bogus theories that children need constant coaxing of their egos is probably the most dysfunctional human being ever.

Children don’t need ego coaxing, they need to be told the truth so they don’t grow up to be flimsy and ridiculous non contributors to society.

This culture of putting junior first, before mum and dad, before grandparents, before teachers and neighbours, elders and so on, is creating severe dysfunction.

Adults, well into their thirties, some forties, flimsy and unable to stand up and rectify themselves, who flop at the first hiding life gives them, the first heartbreak a man or woman gives them, the first yelling an employer gives them.

‘You can’t talk to me like that!’ The ego quips.

‘I’m an individual, I’m special, mum and dad told me I’m precious’, all subconscious thoughts rearing their heads, sometimes manifesting in speech if the ego is big enough.

Junior storms out of their first job, because their boss told them to get off Facebook, in juniors words, not because they told them to get off, but because they were so mean.

If your child draws something crap, sure, you don’t have to tell them it’s utterly useless junk, but you do have to wake them out of their slumber. Explain symmetry, explain, balance, explain the appropriate colours, pink trees don’t cut it in the real world.

Explain that cars aren’t houses on wheels, sit with them and show them how to draw what is actually there, what they actually properly see and not to try and take shortcuts over and over again because you keep saying wow to junior.

When junior is horrible at addition, tell them they need to get off their I-Pad and if needs be break it in front of them. Don’t worry, their heart will be broken for a day, but it’s better than their life broken at  eighteen because they suck at addition when giving customers the wrong change constantly at their first job.

When they can’t spell or complete a sentence or read more than a page without complaining of a headache, don’t give in because you feel that you might be causing them psychological problems, the opposite is true, by you giving in, you’re destroying their psychological make up for their future.

At the first hint of difficulty in real world situations, marriage, work, social circles etc, they will just give up. They make for shitty spouses, employees and friends, always a spoiled brat, thinking the world owes them a pass, a stick for encouragement because teacher never told them they sucked and mum and dad always told them they’re the best and love them no matter what.

No, not true, if my son murdered someone, he can rot in jail and I would feel no remorse. The rights of other human beings and society at large is more important than my sons ego, or mine for that matter.

Truth is truth, falsehood is falsehood and ego’s will tell you otherwise, they’ll always find a justification.

Quit being a sook yourself lest you keep breeding generations after generations of sooks, brats and egotistical maniacs.


Evil Nursery


Baa Baa Black sheep,
No I don’t have three bags or four,
You greedy politicians have the nerve to call me black,
And then ask for more?

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
But they didn’t come down with water,
That’s because this is a lie about taxes, that the King imposes,
 And kids repeat it like lambs to the slaughter.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
No this rhyme is not about a garden,
But the mass Killings of a Queen,
Whom Protestants she offered no pardon.

Rock a bye baby on the tree top,
When the wind blows this story will flop,
Why is it so, it’s about a childless king and queen,
Who stole a baby so that their throne passing would not stop.

And on it goes.

So many nursery rhymes have their origins in evil stories of yesteryear,
But we inspire laughs and lies in children sidestepping fear.
Like gullible sheep we pass them on,
And proclaim with ignorance, ‘they’re just songs’.

But why would you lie to your own child?
Just to hide stories reviled.

To pretend everything is ok and it’s nice and poetic
As a parent you should be ashamed, bordering on pathetic.

Tell your children truth, let them know the dark past
So they can grow quick and stop other mistakes fast
So they can be better humans than you and I
So they can rise from the darkness and avoid these lies.

We have a responsibility as parents and that does not mean you relegate your children to the state schools, or even private schools and forget about who they are. Your job is to filter through the bullshit they teach them at school and educate them further. You have to sift through it all as painstaking as it is so that you can steer their minds to truth.
Kindergarten is a German word, and it is created by a Prussian education model designed to segregate the child from an early age from the sanctity of the family unit.
Places like Sweden are well aware of this and how it creates psychological problems for children in the long run. Their entry level into schools is at seven or eight, not at four and five.
Per capita, they’re one of the wealthiest and most intelligent places on earth. That’s not an accident; they care about the welfare of their people, ahh but it is a superficial care, the people there are only cared about in this sense because it saves the govt spending money on the medicating, the medical maintenance, the psychologists, analysts, the social and economic drain it will cause. A move with motives, nothing to do with the greater good of humans, still, interesting to note that they confirmed what Prussian model education was designed to do, that is, sever the child from the family unit, make them a citizen of the state, conveniently a tax payer. It’s no wonder kids who don’t fit the mould get outcasted as trouble makers, as inept, as dumb even. Some drugged up, some slotted into groups, some abused mentally and emotionally so much that they end up self abusive, criminal or in self fulfilling prophecies.

You may think ‘But my child is normal’. Normal according to what? Your normal? Society’s normal? An unspoken agreed upon normal? Who’s normal?

Your normal has been spoon fed to you from day one alongside the worship of the self. So much so that if you are told anything else, your self will jump up to defend your pre-held beliefs. Like as if the attack is actually on you.

Back to the point of parental responsibility, you should know why schools were designed and implemented in the first place and no, it is not a massive generosity scheme of the governments. It is nothing more than to drive a social engineering principle. This has been the motive from the beginning and they are not ashamed to say it. Look up Wilhem Wundt, the psychologist responsible for churning out teachers en-masse 100+ years ago all over the world to spread this utopian idea.

If you must send them to state or private schools, so be it but make sure you undo the junk when they get home. Keep them confident and free thinking.
Better yet, home school your kids. It’s not hard, it’s not rocket science and don’t be duped by the lies and long stares of society who are too cowardly to undertake this love filled but difficult journey. It is not easy and I am speaking from experience as we home school five children. But the fruits are beautifully sensitive and caring children. Children that truly embody humane qualities, full of empathy, compassion, introspection, thoughtfulness, caring, honesty, artistry, creativity and love. They have a genuinely wondrous curiosity, almost innocently childlike even as they grow older but at the same time a maturity beyond their schooled peers.
This has been a recurring experience of ours with every home schooled child we’ve met that are in our social circles.
Once again, this isn’t a promotion for home schooling but rather an invitation to take your child’s mind seriously and not allow filthy garbage such as nursery rhymes, media propaganda, the selective texts of schools to the omission of real history all to become ingrained in their minds. That stuff is very hard to undo.

For further reading, check out the resources and references below.



I’d recommend all of John Taylor Gatto’s works. Every single book. Dumbing us down.
A different kind of teacher
Weapons of Mass instruction
The exhausted school
And the pinnacle of them all which is like an encyclopedia Underground history of American Education
Why Johnny can’t read by Rudolph Flesch
Boys Adrift by Dr Leonard Sax
In the Element and out of our minds by Sir Ken Robinson
The Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph

That should start you off