Introversion – nineteen



Introvert in progress

I really want to get these t-shirts made up now.

We all need that space, some more than others. I think if anything, this can serve a friendly reminder to people as you walk past that we’re not all the same, we’re not all socialites and loud, we’re not all ready with buzzing energy in open surroundings and we’re not all ready to work in open cubicle offices. Some of us flourish with a little quiet and privacy.

I will use myself as an example.
One position I held in the past saw me control a large national company which quickly became the leader in it’s field from a single laptop.

I was able to creatively think up of multi-layered software that interfaced with all facets of the business and have one program control inventory, dispatch, warehousing, allocation, shrinkage, pricing, tax and more. A job that would normally require six to seven people was handled by one person, one pc.
I could only reach that level because I was afforded autonomy, peace, quiet and my own space. The owner of the company believed in me, gave me an environment conducive to my being able to exert maximum effort.

People can do wonderful things, from both sides of the spectrum if you let them revel in their preferred space, whether they be extroverts or introverts but let’s not forget the quieter ones in favour of those who just happen to make more noise.

So who wants a shirt?


Introversion – eighteen


The Silence of things unspoken,
Is that we’re all a little broken,
It’s the things he didn’t say that cut through the silence,

Quiet was his art, quiet was his science,
Loud were the things unsaid,
Even in the distance, immense.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes,
To chew at societies heart,
To gather their thoughts like Autumns rake.
Sometimes, words cannot make,
What love you have to give,
Fragments of your soul to flake.


The Elixir 12 – Poised Grandeur


Work silently, in the shadows,
Hand craft your majesty and seek not the throne,
When the space vacates itself in the vastness of meadows,
The people will find you, embrace you and your alone.

They’ll see your secret, veiled as it may be,
Beauty cannot lay dormant too long,
It’s not eyes, nor hearts, but souls that will see,
They’ll hear your music, they’ll hear your song.

Ugliness calls it out to duel,
Because it cannot bare the sight of itself,
Answer not with aggression, it’s favoured fuel,
But with kindness, the currency of beauty’s wealth.

It knows well it stands defeated,
Provides the catalyst to confirm,
Beauty rules supreme and remains seated,
Superior, poised grandeur, throne affirmed.


Nightwriter – 28

nightwrighter series 28

The intimacy of Leila (the night)
Is that she makes you, your own drug.

It’s not hard to be light in her presence. That’s how she elevates you.
Whilst you bathe in her presence, finding your grace, little do you know she has taken all the darkness of the world, she has silenced being, she has quietened dreary souls so that she can assist the callers, the un-settlers, the displeased, the warriors of their souls, the desperate and despaired, she has taken them all into her fold and given them the ability to shine, provided the setting so The Lord can descend to the lowest heaven and say to his Angels,

‘Who is calling on Me, so that I may answer their call.’

And you carry on, obsessed with the night, your prayers answered, souls burden lifted, a lighter being and you’re not even aware of who you were calling on.


How to find things

find to be found

If you expected a long written secret about finding yourself, keep on searching.

It would be enough to end at the sentence above.

But in order to be found, you have to find, that is, you have to search and be open to the idea that there are things to be found. Along the way, once you have amassed a collection of found things, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that there you were all along, you just weren’t open to the idea that you are already found, you couldn’t have been anywhere else.


Introversion – sixteen


Introverts, the more extreme kind don’t lose energy when they are around you. They don’t romantically dwindle into nothing when they’re not around you either, as unromantic as that may sound and this has nothing to do with how much they do or don’t love you.
Rather, they lose energy when they don’t get to be alone enough. When they don’t get their space.

Space and solitude are energy fields for introverts. They can bathe in the vastness of alone and recharge much like most of nature.
Most flowers need a little sun to grow and blossom. Some die if they get too much, some can only live in vast amounts of sun and this is about as close a metaphor as I can give to the various types of introversion and even extroversion.

Yes, some extroverts, need time alone in the sun too. No where near as much as introverts but they still need it.
So don’t be upset, hurt or feel dejected if your partner or friend doesn’t show you as much attention as you’d like or they seem to frequently want alone time, try and understand their needs and perhaps explain your needs so you can better understand each other.

There are tell tale signs if it is genuine or not. They will usually resort to an activity they perform on their own that doesn’t involve others.
Some read a book, some meditate, some sleep and lay down, some go to the gym alone, some go for long walks, some cook alone, some paint, some play music and the lists go on.

Obviously the tell tale sign may be if their alone time then starts to involve too many others but this is not to discount that sometimes it can involve another person whom they connect with on a much deeper level. This takes nothing away from you, it’s just that they see eye to eye with someone else and their may be no remote attraction at all but their similarities provide a comfort and solace and that may be their recharge.

Don’t always expect answers from them too. They can recluse further inward when they feel you don’t understand them so be careful how you prod at them lest you drive them further away.
I don’t say this to create a tip toe environment around introverts, just merely to try and help people understand who they are dealing with at times, perhaps to give them a little insight and savvy on how to deal with introverts.


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