No one owns your happiness

With sixty dollars I bought my happiness.

With sixty dollars I bought your misery.

My intention was not your unhappiness.

But by no means am I miserly.

You see, you cannot control my happiness.

And if sixty dollars was all it would take,

I’d buy it over and over.

In accident I lost your sixty dollars.

But I bought my freedom from your disdainful glare.

I bought your shackles.

Now you feel bad and you ponder how I turned my negative situation into your negative situation.

Sixty dollars unshackled me but imprisoned you.

What a small price to pay.

The etiquette of men,

Is not to make,


Had you followed suit,

You would have been set free

By your,


And I, not knowing any better would have remained ignorantly,




Coarse Courses are not a Curse


The curse of the course is that it can be coarse.

The beauty of coarseness can only be appreciated by those who have travelled the course.

Is it then really a curse?

There is only one type of person who has travelled the course.

He alone can show you the beauty of coarseness.

He will most certainly lift the curse.