The Elixir 11 – Faithful Doubt


What a liar the man is that holds society hostage with his words that he shrouds in the robes of the faith.

He covers only the grotesqueness of his emptiness. The interior of his robes, filled with hot air as though the vacuum ready for ballooning flight of grandeur that looks down upon his fellow man.

He dares stand aloft proclaiming he is made and found, he is accomplished and saved, he is correct and undeniable, he is righteous and faithful. He has no doubts and he holds all the truth.

Turn away. They are hucksters, empty as described, hollow without any substance, not even the air to survive.

They are not men (or women) of faith. Faith requires you have a prerequisite doubt. It is the doubt that keeps you searching, yearning, enquiring, and longing to find and to be found.

It is doubt that will have you between the state of fear and hope, fear you may be astray, never sure of your outcome, therefore constantly in battle with your ego, setting it straight and hope that your efforts are recognised, but hope cannot be present without it’s sister doubt. For if one is sure, they don’t hope, if one has no doubts they are already over the line of certainty.

The realm of faith has been hijacked by all dogmatic extremists in all faiths. Men and women who are full of complex and compound ignorance that feeds on itself.

They stand brashly proclaiming all answers are present in their hearts and minds and hold the rest of humanity to account. This is the way an extremist justifies killing people, whether he be a suicide bomber in Iraq, a Kamikaze fighter pilot, an abortion clinic bomber, a burmese monk burning men and women in the street, a school yard shooter or an Israeli settler gunning down a child. There is no difference between them all. They are all guilty of the same thing, stubborn and arrogant assuredness.

They are not doubtful.

The are not faithful.


This is a short talk, give yourself the time and sit down to watch it. Be patient and hear this wonderful woman who is an Agnostic Jew speak about this very issue entwined into her wonderful talk about a man so little people ACTUALLY know something about other than what they are fed through the dry and wretched vines of the media.



I’m an extreme mist of the worst kind,
I’ll pose at one end of the spectrum,
In full sight,
Or a midnight blind.
I’ll fog your thoughts,
Stir the soil to be sewn,
Have you scurrying back and forth,
Rope ends of your mind.
So push me to that end,
Or to the other,
Through the thickness of it all,
Who knows what you’ll find.

Time to hijack the term back from the lazy throws and empty prattling of media musers.

Too long it has been deployed by the mass hysteria-mongering media, abused to stigmatise people.

Words are not theirs to use when they cannot appropriately contextualise them. They are ours.

The word extremist is not evil, not in the correct context or deployment.

Shakespeare is an extremist.
Beethoven is most definitely an extremist.
Einstein an extremist.
Ghandi an extremist.

Any person of worth or merit devotes themselves to an extreme beyond the norm to spring forth greatness and beauty the conformity of society cannot produce collectively in their mediocrity.


Extremism has no religion.


If ever there was an example made that extremists are ugly no matter what hideous corner of belief they espouse, it has been in the viral story of fourteen year old Ahmed, singled out as an extremist and being far from it, ironically by real extremists, that is his school teacher, principal and the police force which mistreated him at the school.
You don’t have to blow up a building or slaughter innocents to be labelled an extremist, you can be so defunct and devoid of soul and character, utterly lacking in wisdom and sound judgement and be fuelled by ignorance but more predominantly your arrogance and reluctance to see any other view but your own, and that would make you far worse an extremist in my opinion.