Know who you are.

‘Do you want to know the secret to the land?’

My children all turned to me, attention fixated, hearts tuned, minds blank and canvases ready to be painted with vivid imagery.

Everything I teach them is told in a story, give physical, spiritual and emotive meaning. The mental stuff, that’s easy, just give them a story.

I asked the question because they, on their own raised the point. One of them said, ‘Dad, other kids don’t do this, they’re too busy watching T.V. and playing video games’.  Another added, ‘Yeah dad, why do they waste time?’  The third added, ‘Yeah, isn’t that unhealthy?’

I smiled and thought it was time.

So eagerly awaiting like puppies panting for a biscuit of knowledge, I said, ‘The secret of the land is that God fashioned Adam from it. Adam is every human beings father, our oldest worldly ancestor after our spiritual father Muhammad. Adam was the first earthly creation of human form, and God chose the earth for a reason. The wisdom is beyond us but we can understand a few reasons. We are meant to remember our origin, and that is the earth. We are meant to remember what we are made from, where we come from. We are meant to love it like we live our fathers, and Adam is our oldest father, the source of us all. We’re meant to remember to stay close to the earth no matter what. This is commonly referred to as being humble, that’s why we call people down to earth.’

One of them interrupted, ‘Yeah and we return to earth’.

Smiling I replied, ‘Exactly, so if you come from it, and your father comes from it and to it you return, like your whole family gathers, shouldn’t you take care of it, of your family, of where you come from and where you’re going?’

They all nodded with smiles on their faces and new vigour.

I continued, ‘This is why we must respect native people of the land, who know and love the land, they know spiritually, better than words on end can express what the land means and treat it well, and have done so for thousands of years.’

This was an old vege patch in our yard that has served us well.

It was time to serve it back, so we dug deep, about half a meter down until it was a little clay like and ploughed, fed and mixed in new soil, natural fertiliser, built up a little higher barrier lattice and lifted with new soil, ready for a whole range of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The arm bracelets are my homage to the indigenous people of this land, acknowledging I am a guest, grateful to you, for not ever giving up hope on your tradition, and culture.

Think about what it is you’re teaching your children when you engage with them, when you throw them to the wolves of technology, depriving them of knowing who they are, where they come from and where they are heading.

I often tell people, when they ask me why it is I do what I do with my children, and I often remind my children that the reason for all this, is that one day people will forget how to be human, and they will still be around, keeping the way alive, keeping empathy, love, care and meaningful existence a living thing. Able to teach it back, remind people.


So it was Earth day?


I’ve still got spots, to bury humans still,
I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten my fill,
For his belief, for her belief,
Loud are heavens shrills.
Huh, no spots up there,
Worry not, in the end,
I’ll send humanity,
The murder bill.
But until then
I’m Landfill
Kill, Kill,


There is nothing to celebrate.
Despite the beauty, despite the wonders it contains,
The murder of a single soul is enough to soil it,
The soil, to swallow it, pun intended.

What has become of us,
Fighting strong to celebrate a day,
But curled up in foetal positions,
To fight the murderers.

Grand woodstocks we can have,
Grand Booms,
Grand earth days synchronised,
With cannabis filled air
With mud in our hair,
Without worry or care,
Forgetting the murderers that walk freely out there.

We have no earth as long as a single soul dies at the hands of another soul.

Because apparently it was earth day.
There’s nothing to celebrate.
Plenty of hell-holes to commiserate.
Humanity has reached preposterous states.


“……Whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether; and whoso gives life to a soul, shall be as if he ha given life to mankind altogether. Our Messengers have already come to them with the clear signs; then many of them thereafter commit excesses in the earth.” Quran 5:32



Who is going to deny where we come from now?

Look at this picture.

Look at her face.

The road maps in her face resembling dried cracked crevices of the earth she came from and the earth she will return to.

Glory be to He, who created us and fashioned us with The command Be, and we Were


Tread lightly

Whilst everyone is busy making their mark in this world, somewhat proving they exist, I’m trying to figure out how not to leave any trace of my existence, no footprint or burden on the earth and it’s inhabitants to accuse me of anything when my corpse is fed back to the earth, lest they extract their rights from me.