There I am – One

There I am one
Is it so hard to understand,
the way I cry,
is by bleeding my liver.

In Chinese medicine, anger causes the liver to micro bleed.

This is a new series.

As self obnoxious as it feels, I am going against my own wishes and writing this series.

Inner purgation perhaps.

I don’t know.

I’ll flow with it until it dies.



Egoïste – 28


He wants us to come to Him whole, but the only way to come whole is to strip away layers of our being until naked.

Naked souls with no garments of vices.

The ability to recognise your garments will determine how easily you can remove them.

That is the Egoïste’s aim, they want Him all to themselves.


Egoïste – 23

stip layers away

How many layers, veils, coats of distraction do we have?

It makes no comprehensible sense that we cry pangs of longing with distractions engulfing us.