Conformity is a sin


There is no reconciliation to the middle,
If you wish to bathe in diviny’s riddle.
Off to the perimeters of the extremes you will find,
Naught left breathing, obliterated minds.
You must discriminate and leave conformity,
Therein are the meadows of pleasure enormity.
So walk in the fire of blue flames flashes,
Burn to a crisp; let them inhale your ashes.


The Elixir – 3. Slogans Slow Gains

elixir series 3



Slow gains


If you want to reserve your mind to lazy slogans, expect very slow gains in life.

Political, social, religious, intellectual, physical, lyrical, written, spoken slogans, they all wreak of the same humdrum stench.

Conformity is the slogan of actions. No one has excelled by repeating the same thing everyone else repeats, over and over again, that’s maintenance. The benchmarks have to be raised, the extremes have to be stretched, the rivets have to pop, the seams have to come undone and your soul has to scream stop whilst your mind says shut up bitch.

Reserving your whole life to a set of slogans is nothing short of burying yourself before dying. You’re lifeless.

Ayn Rand said, “There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non conformist.” And so goes on the twisted nature of conformity and slogan living.

The only way is pure individuality and I am not talking about the deep and mysterious type, nor the dark agent of sorrows, nor the high peaks of elation and joy.

That’s all been done to death!

I’m talking about your nothingness, your abasement, your effacement, your obsoleteness, until by His hand He steers you to your destination.

‘His’ is God to many people, nature to others, work for some, Art for others, organic life to others again, whatever ‘His’ is for you, let it steer you.