everyone thinks

they have a novel inside them
and you do
it’s getting it out
that will prove the essence of you


Let’s be frank,
it’s one thing to put words on a page,
it’s another to put them down effectively,
it’s yet another to illicit emotion,
and another to captivate the reader and have them panting for the next line.
But to change someone’s life, now there is what a real writer perspires for,
nay, that is what a human aspires to.


How Bad

How bad

How badly do you want the war to stop?
Will you fight for it?

How badly do you want to eradicate hunger and poverty?
Will you starve for it?

How badly do you want to stop sex abuse?
Will you lower your gaze around the opposite sex?

How badly do you want your children to be educated?
Will you pick up a book?

How badly you want  anything depends on the measures you will take to achieve it.

Comfort and achievement cannot marry except at the end of the journey.

Whomsoever seeks them at the beginning of the journey is doomed to be severed from both.