Listen to your heart – literally!


Sometimes I cover my ears, not to only drain out the noise,
But to hear echoes of my heart beat reverberate in cavity amidst my poise.

Be still and hear the deedum, deedum,
Listen to waves of blood rush through vein canals hum.

Only to riddle myself with a disorientation,
I’m a drummer boy and can’t hear my composition.

The inner score, rhythms and BPM,
The temperament of soul from which temper/tempo stem.

I cover my ears to give me introspection,
Where I’m heading and my souls direction.

Try sinking into a bath tub, ears under water,
You’ll again hear your heart and know where your thoughts are.

Try running up a hill until your lungs are on fire
And you feel your pulse getting higher and higher.

Know then you’re alive and you were never far,
All you had to do was to listen to the meter of your heart.


Not kidding, sink your ears under in a bath and hear your heart beat.

Sometimes you have to just make it a physical thing, when you can’t hear what it wants spiritually.

Nothing brings closer the meaning of you more than being deprived of oxygen and hearing your heart race to fill your lungs.

Physical culture should not be about moving your body through space for carefully selected comforts. It has to be a war against your ego, pushing boundaries to make you feel alive.

Egoïste – 28


He wants us to come to Him whole, but the only way to come whole is to strip away layers of our being until naked.

Naked souls with no garments of vices.

The ability to recognise your garments will determine how easily you can remove them.

That is the Egoïste’s aim, they want Him all to themselves.


Egoïste – 23

stip layers away

How many layers, veils, coats of distraction do we have?

It makes no comprehensible sense that we cry pangs of longing with distractions engulfing us.


Egoïste – 22

burn for him

How far are you willing to go?

The devotion of a moth has challenged lovers for an eternity
The mad amongst us rise to the occasion.
They burn for Him.

For centuries, the lovers have jumped into the flame only to find it cool and tranquil like our forefather Abraham peace be upon him. They were not about to be outdone by a moth.

Egoïste – 19


How far you’re willing to bend will determine the magnitude of your love.

Love is contortion
You must be willing
to bend your mind,
body and more importantly,
your soul to suit it’s confines.
Real lovers do this without
being told.
They find Him

Egoïste – 17

extend His rope

When the fire of this world,
bellows it’s breath in your face,
allow it to.

Let it burn you enough,
so that you may long for its exit,
and back to the source of all comfort.

We’re insatiable creatures,
limited by superficial observances,
and experiences,
felt through the skin,
relying on the senses to guide us through,
but we end up disappointing ourselves,
over and over.

We dull our souls,
and numb our hearts,
to the exclusivity of worshipping our minds,
our intellects.

Ego has no limit,
it will indulge,
until it kills you,
whilst you walk alive.

Kill it instead, to live.

When it dies,
inevitably, it will be slow and painful,
you begin to revel in the pain.

Sadistic to a tee,
you’ll welcome the pain,
as the familiarity of cleansing,
visits you.

You learn that pain is expiation,
suffering is expiation,
grief is expiation,
but revelling in the expiation itself,
is arrogance, avoid that.

Once the trivialities are out of the way,
the fog will clear,
and the rope will be apparent.

All along it was there,
dangling before you,
waiting for you to clasp it,
and climb towards Him.



Egoïste – 15


They say Beggars can’t be choosers.

But what would they know?

On His doorstep are a multitude of choosers.

By no compulsion except the magnetism of His Majesty,

They make their choices.


Egoïste – 3


What if I wanted to be a ghost?

Long ago I raised my heart on the steps of your temple,

I asked of you to make me invisible,

Now I balance the sword you gave me carefully.

No longer can anyone see me,

I may as well be dead.

But now I see my Self ever so clearly,

And that is worse than others seeing me.