Ugly traits in men


I see no uglier traits in a man than three things. The first of them being cowardice. The second,  lack of truthfulness and the third being a lack of physicality.

All three are fuelled by comfort and the fear of losing it.
As Rollo in the quoted picture above says, the opposite of cowardice is an inability for a person to stand up on their own, against the tide, against the status quo and the comfort of men and women.

Ayn Rand put it best when she said:


Non conformity for the sake of arrogant rebellion is even worse than conformity. One can accidentally be swept by a wave of conformity, fall into comfort and not look outside its boundaries in fear of causing some kind of pain, but to purposely rebel for no valid reason other than to draw attention to oneself, to ride the hippie train of ‘individualism’ without valid action and end goals is as putrid as cowardice gets.

Dishonesty is the fuel for cowardice and primarily, dishonesty with oneself, deluding ones SELF into comfort and lack of action leads down all kinds of disastrous paths. Telling yourself you’re still tired and not getting up on time, lying to yourself and pretending you don’t have the time to do a 30 minute workout during the day, lying to yourself and pretending you’re not cheating on your partner by flirting with men or women, deceiving your employer by pretending to be working behind your desk whilst on social media all day and the list of lies we tell ourselves all day goes on forever. Start with extreme honesty with yourself and you can progress into honesty with others.

Finally men who don’t energise themselves by engaging in physical activity are despicable. There is no excuse for any male from five years of age until fifty years of age not to engage in some kind of movement or labour.

Movement is life. Stagnant water becomes impure. Moving water is fresh, drinkable and useable. If something is still it dies.
Rigor mortis is the condition of stiffness in the muscles post death because all chemical activities cease. There is no more movement of nutrients, cells, enzymes, blood and oxygen. The body stops.

Without continuously forcing ones body through movement,  the regeneration of cells and renewed life ceases. If the brain does not get used, certain neural activity blunts and near stops being available. Like the body, the brain needs it’s exercise and movement.Nothing in your body survives without movement, therefore when we say a lack of physicality we should extend this to the physicality of the mind too.

The way of men is readiness. The modern creep of conformist laziness, cowardly disassociated idleness and brazen ‘chickenshitery’ is revolting. Men gawk at walking a kilometre to attend to a need. Women plan nine months in advance how to be bathing in the comfort of a liar psychologist who convinces her having a baby is cause for depression.
Gimme a break and eat a spoon of…… Scratch that, eat a bowl of cement and harden the fuck up.



I love this. Can’t add to it in fear of soiling it. Perfect.

Kashif Sajjad

Inshallah. Aka God willing. If Allah wills.
Upon hearing this divine statement the cheeks of the skies themselves would blush from shyness. He has whispered a word so profound, surpassing our heights it has flown to our highness. Whatever endeavour I take upon my shoulders, whatever desires I have are pending on God’s consent and approval. But is it if God wills? or is it God please will?
Forgive me, but I must be honest. Perhaps the most insincere promises are accompanied by the condition of God’s ratification. Now a graceless bird fluttering in the wind, in pursuit of finding it’s right as a once noble statement.
Now disengaged from the skies above, the word spills on to the ground from blackened lips with such severe intensities. What once echoed a man’s strength and virtue, now a dressing applied to cover intended lies and hide hollow sincerities. It aches to…

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After watching this movie, I have to agree, this guy is a downright scum bag. Chris Kyle has been made a hero by Eastwood and a blatant lie of his character portrayed on the big screen. After watching this movie I felt sick to my stomach and lost respect for Eastwood as a director and for Bradley for playing the part. None of these people have spines. They’re slimy snakes and I am glad so many people are waking up to this absolute bollocks that is hoorah, hoorah America.

Land of the enslaved, home of the cowards. Keep your country and your ideas within your own borders and the world would be a much better place.

Ego downgrade



One of the most destructive things you can do as a parent is to never check your child’s ego. You then raise a person that grows to be a spoiled brat well into their adult life. A monster that everyone has to step out of the way for as their ego fills the room and bulldozes all that is in front.

They make lousy spouses, lousy employees and indecent human beings that run through life with blinders on, tunnel visioned in their ignorance of people around them. If you haven’t been taught from a young age about how to subdue your ego, do yourself a favour and pick up a book or two by the great Muslim Sufi scholars who are the masters that carried on the traditions of Islam in teaching appropriate human mannerisms and thorough character development to benefit yourself and mankind.

Light upon light


Some books are treasure chests of wisdom, eloquence and value. Page after page, you want to highlight lines but there is so much to highlight you may as well colour the whole book.

A small excerpt.

‘Those who through an evil disposition which may have previously been dormant, are willingly misled, expose their true nature so that it can be clearly seen. Caught under the light, they hasten towards darkness, they hasten home to where they belong.’

-Remembering God, Reflections on Islam Charles Le Gai Eaton


Heaven’s Real Estate


The problem with a person with sectarian mindset isn’t that they are venomous and self-destructive as much as they are limited in creed understanding. They limit heaven to the confines of their minds only, as if heaven is tiny and cannot accommodate any more than a finite number of available spaces.

Whether they acknowledge it or not, this actually implies a limited belief in God and his infinitude, omnipotence, mercy and generosity.

Heaven has vast real estate, plenty of space for those who believe in God’s Oneness