Light upon light


Some books are treasure chests of wisdom, eloquence and value. Page after page, you want to highlight lines but there is so much to highlight you may as well colour the whole book.

A small excerpt.

‘Those who through an evil disposition which may have previously been dormant, are willingly misled, expose their true nature so that it can be clearly seen. Caught under the light, they hasten towards darkness, they hasten home to where they belong.’

-Remembering God, Reflections on Islam Charles Le Gai Eaton


Heaven’s Real Estate


The problem with a person with sectarian mindset isn’t that they are venomous and self-destructive as much as they are limited in creed understanding. They limit heaven to the confines of their minds only, as if heaven is tiny and cannot accommodate any more than a finite number of available spaces.

Whether they acknowledge it or not, this actually implies a limited belief in God and his infinitude, omnipotence, mercy and generosity.

Heaven has vast real estate, plenty of space for those who believe in God’s Oneness


Death is a wedding night

‘Death is the wedding night of the marriage with eternity’: Bab ‘Aziz the movie

I have not watched a more eloquent, poetic, spiritual and inspiring movie.
The writer of this movie is one special mind and rich soul. Do yourself a favour, watch it and tell me what you think about it.
It’s freely available on Youtube with subtitles.

The supreme prayer


The Prophet Muhammad (pbbuh) was leading the prayer one day when he made signal to rise from bowing. Upon rising, the agreed upon tradition is to repeat Rabbana Wa Lakal Hamd (Oh my Lord, to you is all gratitude) after the Imam says “Sami’ Allah liman Hamida (Allah hears those who thank Him). So the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbbuh) repeated this but one man added ‘Hamdan, Katheeran, Tayiban Mubarakan fi’. (Gratitude in abundance, excellent and blessed). When they finished prayer, the Prophet (pbbuh) asked as to who said it. The companions were fearful that someone may have exceeded the boundaries of permissible actions during prayer. Eventually the man mustered up the courage and admitted to it. Much to his surprise the Prophet pbbuh said, ‘Indeed, I saw 30 angels all rushing towards you to see who would write down your rewards first’.
This is the power of gratitude.