Until life do us part.

deathever after

You thought ‘Once upon a time’ was your birth,
And you hoped ‘Happily ever after’ was your right,
And you dreamt of enchantment and bliss,
Therein, the forests alone awaits you,
Death’s kiss.

Oh destroyer and oh creator of misery,
Where are you to relieve me of my agony,
Long lost lover, for most, a mystery,
But now you seem life’s epitome.

They flee from you with cowardly unfamiliarity,
As if you don’t exist, they pretend not to see,
There you stand, waiting patiently,
And there you’ll remain, despite the pleas.

They don’t see your romance, threatened by ferocity,
Alas you have me down on my knees,
Praying for your swift love-tragedy,
Smother my insides, fill my cavity.

I call upon you increasingly,
Mort’s forest attracts me more than life’s tree,

You’re poised but I, erratically, impatiently,
Long to be united for eternity.


Ransom for freedom – 5

ransomed for freedom - 5

Just when you think you’re finally getting into a groove,
I’ll disrupt your flow and change your mood,
Corrupt your soul and drain your hips,
Leave you gasping for just one more sip.

I don’t tread on anything but the earth lightly,
Everything else I vice grip tightly,
Squeeze the essence of you, leave droplets to drip,
Chaffed and stained, bloody lips.

But that’s what you’ll need to leave the ground,
Earthling no longer, spiritual bound,
Let me re-write, I’ll compose a masterpiece,
Torment for now but everlasting peace.


Vulnerable Beautiful


I loved you……
When you were battered and wounded,
Scarred and traumatised,
Ignorant and alone,
What do you think I feel for you now,
That you’ve created a home,
Raised children on your own,
Threaded buttons of love,
Seamed souls and lives sewn,
The art of motherhood honed.
I see nothing,
But a woman on a throne,
Confident, tenacious,
Able to stand alone,
Ready to tear a man with her teeth,
Suck life out of his bones.

And in the end, wasn’t it all worth it?
The pain of travelling,
The blisters of repetitiveness,
The wearing of your sternum,
As you heave yet another breath.
The thinning of being,
The reduction of self,
The realisation of other,
The becoming of mother,
The purified lover,
The shelter,
The cover,
My smother.




Like the salt of the sea,
Wash me off when you’re done immersing in me,
Or I’ll dry your existence, mercilessly.
I’ll drown you for eternity,

Some things are better washed off completely, or they pick at you, scaring you, drying your soul until your body eats at itself, by itself, involuntarily.

Photo credit: Gabriele Viertel

The Aftermath



I’ll leave a trail of devastation behind
and you’ll still have no one else on your mind

The after taste is bitter,
metallic even,
but you keep a vial of me around your neck,
sipping it,
slowly killing yourself off,
suicidally attached,
visiting me in my dreams,
expecting me in yours.

Barren your house,
it creaks awaiting my grease,
for me to unhinge your rusty doors
and allow my wind to pass through,
just so you can catch a waft of me,
as devastating as I am a tornado,
you long for  the wreckage.

Broken planks and shards of glass,

splintered feet and molten hearts,
is the pain really worth me?


Opus Memorandum


My Opus may be premature
But I realise it isn’t a point in time
It is a distance between two extremities
The space between hate and love
Between a heart beat and a pulse
The difference between wrath and calm
The interstitial between health and disease
The moments between life and death
Asphyxiation and a breath
And all of this stuff, this in between-ness
Is arbitrary
For each of us
Yet we continue to pluck the I
The root of Me
The core of ego and place it on the pedestal of importance
Of inexhaustible exoneration
Self promoting agents of despair
We hope, along the way, in that stuff we are drowning in
We are noticed.


Bathe in all that stuff.

Where you surface to breathe is where you belong


Ransom for freedom – 4

ransomed for freedom - 4

rAcisM is a woRd inocuLAted
SocIetY via an
atTenuAted diseAsE
OF seManTics.
cAll iT wHat It is yoU fUcKing
WhItE supReMacY


The reflex action has occurred. Through their deceptive means, they have failed miserably to introduce a code of politically correct and harmonious vocabulary to suit the vernacular of public dialogue.

Instead of being honest through public space which is ironic since their books and literature are wrought with open frankness about their supremacist ideals, instead, they water down concepts to make them palatable, to occupy you with the mundane so that the toxic reality is ignored.

So we have the minority privileged, ironically ineffectively lacklustre in their life struggles, get motivated to tell an idiot on a train, ‘Hey that’s racism’, when they are picking on a woman of colour or race who doesn’t fit the pop culturally defined spectrum of supposed normality.
They are then paraded as a hero or heroine because someone has a phone and a Youtube account and a morning show needs clicks on their Facebook page.

The proper action would have been to take a bat to that persons head until you show him who is a minority and who is a majority, but that’s not PC enough. Until you bleed ‘racism’ out of his sinews and he is drained of it, like a blood letting of the demon it is!

The irony is people of colour and race are over seventy percent of the world if not more, that is if we want to go by the shitty standards of exclusivity and superiority of man as espoused by Darwinian gobbledygook.

White America, White Australia, White England and to some degree parts of White Europe.

That’s all they are…..

They’re diminishing because their illness is infatuation of self. They’re so enthralled with their pale reflection that they have forgotten the reality of life which is to procreate.

They prattle about natural selection through their devotion to Charles and his cesspool of a diseased mind and toxic soul and oh my God they are right, natural selection has them falling like flies as you cannot reproduce anywhere near the rate of the fertile world of colour and race. Oh the irony. Nature indeed has a way of filtering the bad ones out.
They’ve been taxed of the ability to procreate and breed and are naturally dying off. So they’ve created these plans of Eugenics to kill off other races.

Innocent people around the world, of colour, of race, of history of foundation of civilizations all to the slaughter to serve their fetishes.

You name it, they’ve created a way. Wars, food, sanctions, vaccinations, theft, pillage, murder, water contamination and more. They continue to perpetuate any means necessary to ensure they remain in power.

I don’t like to refer to human beings as dogs, but in this case, every dog has its day and their day is grand, it is coming.

It should be without disclaimer that people don’t get their knickers in a knot and comprehend who these accusations are against. They are directed at the elitist predators who control most of the world despite their minority. It is directed at the infantile and juvenile minded of supremacist supporters even though they in and of themselves are considered inferior by the true elitist. The true slaves of these elitists are the ones who in and of themselves are at the low end of the socio-economic spectrum, at best middle class and still side with the mantra of white supremacy whether directly or subconsciously through their laziness of mind, and emptiness of soul.

Take for instance this latest heart stopper, The Revenant being heralded as this amazing movie. I had one thing scurrying my mind throughout the whole movie. Fucking genocidal sons of bitches! The movie is nothing short of breathtaking when it comes to scenery and acting, particularly of Leonardo, but it is nothing short of a disaster of a storyline.
Boring as fuck, lame, repeated, watered down, dishonest and another stab at the intelligence of humans, or what is left of it. A coy and pompous exaltation of what it means to be a white supremacist. Mix in a little PC friendly storyline and you have The Revenant. There, hardly a spoiler but at least if you haven’t seen it, you will now watch with a bit more of an open mind instead of like the zombie that is expected.

Like clockwork, yesterday Leonardo gives a speech and my thoughts come to fruition. ‘……and lastly I want to share this award with all the first nations people represented in this film and all the indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognise your history and that we protect your indigenous lands from corporate interests and people that are out there to exploit them. It is time that we heard your voice and protected this planet for future generations…’

So conveniently said in his Armani suit, treated hair and ageless skin in front of his other privileged entourage of supporters. A day of toil in the land wouldn’t do him harm, a month, two, three maybe a year of living with these people day in and day out might have made his performance even better. But that’s exactly what it was, a performance, like his speech. Robotic, mechanical, scripted and emotionally void. He is an actor amongst many. Easy it is to prattle the social pedigree of expected comfort words in the expected time,walk on with grace Leo.

And on that note I leave you, take a long hard look at yourself. Let’s be frank, you’re an actor/ess. You prattle the social expectancies in public but are easily away from the uncomfortable realities. You bite your tongue from saying what you want and think because it is not colloquial etiquette but you mean something else with your behaviour and deeper beliefs.

You want to recognise indigenous people and protect the planet? Easy, stop killing everyone. Stop stealing resources, stop your eugenics programs  and for the love of humanity stop prattling your bullshit in schools and give it back! Simple.