The Elixir 22 – Be Memorable

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  • Start a conversation
  • Help someone in need, someone you don’t know
  • Fill a palm
  • Spare a morsel
  • Fast for a day and donate the value of the food and drink you would have eaten to a person less fortunate. Do it more than once a month
  • Smile at someone, smile at everyone
  • Forgive your oppressors, even if they wish to continue, let them know you’ll continue to forgive them perpetually
  • Break a heart, allow yours to be broken back, then enjoy mending together
  • Pick a flower for a random person without any strings attached
  • Buy someone a present for no reason
  • Sing in a public place a song that cannot but make even the most depressed soul smile
  • Be clumsy, if you can’t help it
  • Take a punch for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.
  • Take a punch to let someone see how futile and childish they are acting, then hug them
  • Pay it forward, without advertising it
  • Ask with all your heart and concern, how someone is doing
  • Find your memorable moment. It’s usually doing something unexpected with unrequited sincerity, with utter disregard for recognition, without need for reciprocity.Force people to remember you not by asking, not by demanding, by doing without any fathomable care of receiving or not.

The Elixir 21 – Sacred Proximity

theelixir 21

Nothing else needs to be said,
Just lay your soul, on this bed,
On this pillow, rest your head,
Through this heart, receive your bread.
Be near, from my marrow, fed,
And weave with sacred proximity, this thread,
Of intimacy, entwined and tangle, crimson red,
But leave no distance, not a millimetre, nor a shred.

The Elixir 18 – Mockery Poverty

the elixir 18

The person who finds solace in mocking others, suffers from an intellectual poverty that cannot be alleviated save through one means only, a humiliation that knows no beginning or end, silence and abandonment.

Their bitterness leaves them alone and desperate. They cannot grasp concepts, truths, divinity, see anything further than their nose’s appraisal, their ego’s lure, so they therefore ridicule what they cannot understand.

To let someone in your life is such a sacred offering and people don’t value it, nor honour its sacredness.

People just walk into your house, your domain with soiled boots, eat from your plate, spit in it, sully your wash place and walk out leaving a stench inside that never goes away.

Think twice about attacking someone’s very personal sacredness, especially if they offered you the trust to enter.

I’m at the end of my wit, with less than a handful of people I can trust with my mind, my heart, my soul. People that don’t litter inside of me or for lack of better vernacular, people that don’t waltz in and take a shit on the carpet of my soul.


The Elixir 17 – Practise Being

By sacrificing all semblance of self and await the perfume that lingers on long after you’ve let the rabid dog that it is starve to death, long after you’ve stopped acknowledging it’s howls, let it bark like mad, and you just keep on being.

Don’t fool yourself, there is no state of being without the destruction of not just one, but all rabid dogs inside you. They’re not loyal, they’re cunning and deceitful.

Find a master who can show you who they are, what they look like and then kindly show you how to get rid of them.

When they bite, you will forever be inflicted with the disease of self devotion, an inevitable lowly state.

Keep them chained and let them rot.

The perfume of being will intoxicate you until you know no other way.
Practise being.

The Elixir 16 – 2016 Unclutter


theelixir16What I want of this year is less.
I don’t want a vein, not even an artery.
I want to inject my elixir into my jugular.
My elixir has to grow from within, it must start from my body.

2016 will bring for me an uncluttering, a detoxification, a removal from societies frivolities, a cleansing of mind, soul and body.
I will attack every subtlety of my existence.

Starting with my body, it will receive only it’s bare necessities.
There is no mind, there is no spirit, there is no soul without the body.

The body must first be pure for the rest to be pure.
Your cellular energy carries with it vibes of the stuff of it’s make up which permeate your mind and soul. If it is unclean, the rest is unclean.
There is no grey area, only utter cleanliness. This will mean many of my favourite things will become my enemies.

I won’t lie to myself and allow treats to creep in. My body has to learn to survive on less. Much less. I don’t care if I reduce my appearance to a skeleton, it will be a cheap price to pay.

My mind must follow suit. I will not tolerate people or words that are frivolous or harmful. I will not tolerate lies and hate. I will not tolerate gossip and back biting.
I will remove luxuries one by one until they are naught around me. I will endeavour as long as it takes to be as minimalist as I can be. I cannot have distractions if I wish my mind to be centred and aligned to the end goal.

My soul, I can only pray for it. I have no control over what happens to it. My job is with my mind and body. My spiritual exercises will hopefully heal my soul, take it to higher plains and let it rise above my carnal self. But I still won’t know.
My job is just to do, to unclutter and wait patiently with no expectation of gaining an iota.

When every devotion of above is done without expectation, perhaps then the clutter will disappear, the path will be cleared of shrub and vine and the river of purity will become apparent.