-for sale




-for sale

at the expense of humanity
for the price of your sanity
consciousness has become
a sellable commodity


I’m utterly dismayed at so much of what the world is offering now.

Consciousness has become a sellable commodity with hucksters standing at street corners of the cyber world, they have found their wagons and they sell their elixir, guaranteed to cure all.
The sipping of which is made easier, the injection needle, the drip, the life support machine through social media.

People with no minds, no hearts, no soul, no experience, no knowledge, who buckle at the loss of a few dollars, who can’t swim their way out of a fish bowl, all prancing as gurus, just because they got a tattoo, learned how to spell chakra, burn incense and have an instagram account.

Yes I’m incensed.
Whilst people suffer and need the help of merciful hands, we place conditions on help.
Believe in me, in my way only or else be damned.
Look at how spiritual I am, drug fucked into oblivion, because I read about a hallucination drug that makes marketing my ‘third eye’ photos the buzz.

My gnosis is trending,
my sageness is blending,
there is no mending,
in all this pretending.

Bereft and barren you remain,
as you lie, prance around in your fisherman pants,
and underneath all that pain,
Nothing changed, you’re still the same.

People who haven’t got the guts to go through life changes finding the easy way out, lining pockets of liars, and or their own pockets and feeding off human suffering.

Consciousness has never been for sale,
it’s always been free,
all it required is utter sincerity,
a letting go of the concept of ‘me’.
forget the knowledge tree,
even if you had a forth or fifth eye,
none of that will help you see.

The way has always been, to just be,
through rigid self scrutiny,
and through that fire,
reach the epitome,
all vanities flee,
and when the fire has finished with you,
wash cool and cleanse yourself in the salt of the sea,
by devoting yourself wholeheartedly,
honesty is key, honesty is key.


-pseudo piety

tumblr_mxexe5jywM1qa6dfqo1_500 porstituted piety2

-pseudo piety

those who claim
to hold the sword of piety
are waiting to impale themselves


if your religion is true
if as you say, it defines you
show me then
show me your hue

show me the depths
where your mercy extends
show me how you comfort
how your soul mends

show me what God taught you
what He asked you to do
show me by action
follow through

don’t preach from the pulpit
don’t flip pages of your book
don’t regurgitate verses
if you want us to look

I’m tired of Muslims
of Christians and Jews
of Buddhists and Atheists
I’m tired of fakers and of Hindus

I’m tired of everyone who claims
come and follow my way
but they can’t show love, humanity
and extend the hand of help, just for a day

just be an ear, a shoulder
a warm embrace
a smile, a hand
a kind face

is that what your religion teaches
to see only colour
to see size or appearance
or preference for gender

where is your God
to smite you this moment
to hold you to account
tell you of your broken covenant

haven’t you heard the story
of two brothers
One thought he was more pious
than the other

When the pious reproached him
said you will never see paradise
just because the sinner asked
to leave him to his vice

when they both died
God had his way
threw the pious in hell fire
the sinner in paradise, until this day

HE, Almighty said,
“Why do you take My Name for your own,
No one knows the extent of My Mercy”
nay, we don’t, or which direction it’s blown


Inspired by a conversation I had with a friend which made me ill at the thought of how people use religion as a scapegoat to cover their faults, their fears, their prejudices and to oppress others. She’s had her life torn apart by zealots who know nothing of God.
All these things, causing (and rightfully so) so many people to hold religion in contempt, to hate it, to label it and it’s followers as oppressive.
As Charles Le Gai Eaton rightfully put it, when people rightfully say, I don’t believe in God, often, the answer begs to be asked, for God’s sake, which God?
If all that is being presented is a bastardised version, a human erred and flawed version, a morally and spiritually bankrupt version, then can the non-believer even be blamed? This is all they see, all they know, so yes, the onus is on the ‘believer’ to present the correct version. Not via a shotgun down their throat, but simply by living it.



we were all an answer,
a confirmation of the ear of our soul,
a heart beats two syllables forever,
and ever,
reminding you,
you……who with ears, play deaf,
until your soul,
is taken from you,
and all you have is,
their witness against you.

and the track repeats
‘Am I not your Lord’
the heart and the soul confirm
“Ba-la” – indeed
“Al-lah’ – God


All souls were created,
all answered,
all know their origin
all hearts beat the same
that is why it is created first
in the pool of motherly warmth
Bala, Allah, Bala, Allah
before your brain, before anything
your heart
your subservient heart

any disconnection from Him
will have you ever wandering
where……..where is this thing
called belonging
that effervescent spring
take me
to Him
to Him


Hopelessness, despair, depression, hope

In a talk about hopelessness and depression, Hamza Yusuf drives home the message for all humankind to stand strong, look up, have hope, change their focus and know their destination.

Don’t despair, be in it, be in it until your last breath!

Watch the short talk here:



I’m an extreme mist of the worst kind,
I’ll pose at one end of the spectrum,
In full sight,
Or a midnight blind.
I’ll fog your thoughts,
Stir the soil to be sewn,
Have you scurrying back and forth,
Rope ends of your mind.
So push me to that end,
Or to the other,
Through the thickness of it all,
Who knows what you’ll find.

Time to hijack the term back from the lazy throws and empty prattling of media musers.

Too long it has been deployed by the mass hysteria-mongering media, abused to stigmatise people.

Words are not theirs to use when they cannot appropriately contextualise them. They are ours.

The word extremist is not evil, not in the correct context or deployment.

Shakespeare is an extremist.
Beethoven is most definitely an extremist.
Einstein an extremist.
Ghandi an extremist.

Any person of worth or merit devotes themselves to an extreme beyond the norm to spring forth greatness and beauty the conformity of society cannot produce collectively in their mediocrity.