Nightwriter – 29

nightwrighter series 29

And do you know what dew is?
But a droplet that escapes the breath of the night,
after being intoxicated from the drunkenness of lovers it
hosts, it is but the hangover stain left on the trees
leaves in the
morning, to etch moss tattoos on it’s branches.

Today I drove through suburbs I used to play in and grew up in during my teenage years.

As I got out of the car at one of the stops I was taken by the sound of trees rustling. They rustled differently. Their sound was familiar, I’d recognise it even if I were seas away.

They smelt different, of wattle and gum, of red bush and other Australian natives, I could smell them all.

Here I am, an Australian born ethnic, bathing in the glory of the only land I could honestly call home despite my strong ancestral inclinations to the far eastern desert sands, despite my ironic longing to go there.

I had a moment with eyes lowered to the ground to give rise to my ears and nose instead. I continued to listen to the different way the trees brushed each other, with each brush, a rubbing off of the aforementioned fragrances.

I smelt those fragrances as well as the water droplets from lawn sprinklers, in mid air being caught in the winds tango with the trees, a pot love mixed with the fresh cut grass and the dew left from last nights encounter. Even the cicadas sang a different tune, one of contentment and love, no matter the sweltering heat.

I smelt it and heard it all, and at that moment I thought about dew, what an unappreciated beauty. Suddenly my mind was flooded with interpreting it accordingly as the fragrant exhalation of mystic drunkenness of the night, a salty moisture from the pangs of separation the night releases as the embrace of lovers wanes, cradling itself in sorrow until the next evening.


Nightwriter – 28

nightwrighter series 28

The intimacy of Leila (the night)
Is that she makes you, your own drug.

It’s not hard to be light in her presence. That’s how she elevates you.
Whilst you bathe in her presence, finding your grace, little do you know she has taken all the darkness of the world, she has silenced being, she has quietened dreary souls so that she can assist the callers, the un-settlers, the displeased, the warriors of their souls, the desperate and despaired, she has taken them all into her fold and given them the ability to shine, provided the setting so The Lord can descend to the lowest heaven and say to his Angels,

‘Who is calling on Me, so that I may answer their call.’

And you carry on, obsessed with the night, your prayers answered, souls burden lifted, a lighter being and you’re not even aware of who you were calling on.


Nightwriter – 27

nightwrighter series 27


It’s been a while my dear, have you stoked the fire well?
I’ve been cold in the day’s rays,
Not my dwelling place,  
I’ve missed your spell.

Warm me in your embrace,
Enhance me,
Muscles trace,
Sinew strengthen with vigour,
Throw out the wine and the liquor.
I’m drunk on you, you’re my elixir.


I’ve been aching at nights trying to get your attention,
I call your name, waiting for even a mention.
What is this high horsed-ness, this apprehension,
Of ignoring, turning away and non acceptance.

Nightwriter – 26



Half awake, half asleep – eyes flutter

Usually conversant – tongue stutter

Can’t bring it to surface – mind clutter

Try as I may – complete and utter

Emptiness tonight – lack of words to mutter


Some nights she leaves me with nothing to say.
Those are the nights there is more to hear.
Silence for masters has always been the way
To draw the pupil closer, bring them near.


Nightwriter – 24

nightwrighter series 24

I like that she punishes me for not keeping our intimacy pure


I have come knocking like a pauper at the Kings chambers only to realise no King dwells here, the nights kingdom is ruled by a Queen.
She kept me banished for many years from her presence.
The past month she has teased me with allowing me acquaintance but she holds on to that key and has guards at the gate. She can sever the relationship whenever she pleases and I will be excommunicated from the palace.
But that punishment only encourages me and builds a larger appetite.