Omlette Rainbows and flimsy people


I thought about getting

tattoos over my scars

But a book is always

better than a movie


I have over one hundred stitches on my body…… I’d rather tell the story about how I got them to my children as mundane as they may be than to tell the story to my soul of the regret of creating colourful scars in haste and absent-mindedness.

I’m not taking a dig of people who get tattoos for very personal well thought out reasons, but I am questioning the plethora of what now appears to be fashion statements without real thought.

Young men covered with sleeves, getting tear drops etched on their cheeks as if to express fallen comrades or kills they’ve made but they walk around with plucked eyebrows,  white as snow sneakers that have never stepped in the mud of life, shaved bodies and a course of steroids for three months that inflated their ego’s more than it did their bodies. Young men who have never taken a good hiding and shook their opponents hand said ‘cheers, fair fight’  and walked away to live another battle. Just paper fucking people that burn in a puff of capooof as soon as a little heat enters their lives.
Fuck off with your bullshit tats.

Same goes for all you women getting painted for no fucking reason other than to sit in your mother’s house, taking selfies in your underwear trying to garner social media likes whilst you struggle like the rest of us with a normal life, covered up in your uniform at work, too embarrassed to reveal what you really do to your colleagues. When you have your second child and that loose skin won’t go away and that tat looks like a rainbow omelette, you’ll think  back, more than likely you’ll have a real scar, as the mettle of your make up is that weak that you won’t have the backbone to push a baby out naturally and beg for the epidural and for the doctor to gut you open.

Be careful guys. Think hard. Don’t be so fucking irresponsible and reactive.

Rockstars in my house



When the fervour of youth wanes

All that is left is humility and pain

When beauty is lost and faces grow wrinkled

I want to be able to live with your brain

When your vigour for lust has all but died

I still want to be able to dwell inside

Labyrinth your soul and ravish your mind

That way it won’t matter if we’re also blind

When sinews grow hard and skin is no longer supple

The meaning will manifest of us being a couple

When we can dwell within and find tranquillity

We wont be longing for that youthful ability

So why do we squander all this youthful zeal

Enjoy our minds much younger, sex appeal that’s real


There’s only so much physical beauty your eyes can take before they are satiated.

Attracted as you may be to certain flows of hair, colour of eyes, tone of skin, shape of body, unless you’re a numb brick of a person, you’re going to want someone that can appeal to your mind and or soothe your soul.
But what if you’re like the majority of people these days, squandering their youth in neglect, chasing after the outer life, in neglect of the inner? What if the superfluous is what has got you occupied and have done this for so long that you no longer even recognise you have an inner life to nurture? There’s the dilemma right there as all the counselling in the world won’t help you comprehend if you just don’t know and have never been acquainted with your heart, mind or soul.

A very basic neuroscience principle that applies here – and we know it in laymen terms as ‘Use it or lose it’ – applies. You have a period in which your mind can develop neural pathways to better create connections in brain body and now as we know, even heart centres that will make you who you are. If you neglect some, you pretty much lose your ability to have those connections later in life without serious and struggling effort.

The other area of neuroscience now focussing on this topic is neuro-plasticity. It’s fascinating to say the least and the doctors are showing that long into old age, brain centres can rewire and take over the role of other areas of the brain that were formally responsible for tasks or thought. This happens through constant repetition and the brain can take new routes, alas, it takes a lot of effort and it’s not as simple as just plugging a cord into a different socket if one socket doesn’t work.

The point is, do as much as you can that is healthy for your mind, heart and soul now, whilst you have the chance. Do as much as you can when you are young and have energy and zeal to boot.
Some will take this to the extreme and indulge in harmful activities, if you want to miss the point, sorry, I can’t help you aim straight as you piss all over the bowl of your life. Hey, it’s your life.

My children are rewarded for intelligence and are taught that this along with other inner qualities are the measure of a human to strive for. I couldn’t give two fucks about what’s-her-name’s new dress and how she showed up at the grammys. Heck, it’s been over fifteen years since I sat at a T.V. to watch a program. Intelligence, soul, character, wit, charm, empathy, kindness, love, caring, helpfulness, chivalry, honour, honesty, bravery, courage, relentlessness and more, they’re the rockstars in my household. Funny enough, I have five children and not one of them knows the words to any pop song. Don’t get me wrong, they’re into the arts and music and I have never forbade or stopped them from watching pop media, but they’re just not into it because we talk of higher ideals in this household.

It’s my job to prepare them to be outstanding and exemplar spouses and partners in their older ages. It’s my job to ensure they function from within and will be self healing, self correcting and self managing humans able to run households and share lives with their partners and their own families as well as function amongst others in society at a much higher standard than the norm.


Kindness and generosity.


Give of yourself so graciously that in the

end you efface the receiver and their

tongue speaks  involuntarily,

“You’ve been kind to me”

‘Kindness never touched something except it made it more beautiful and cruelty never touched something except it made it more vulgar.’

Those words are immortal and sadly many of you will never know their origin because of the outrageous picture painted in the media nowadays of a people who are known worldwide by tradition to be the most hospitable and generous. What has culminated now in their modern new age generations are self fulfilling prophecies against their own heritage. They’ve severed themselves from their true history and instead indulge in reinforcing stereotypes of what society and media presents them as.

You will still find cultural pockets of tradition in Morroco, Egyptian deserts, Turkey, Yemen, Jordan and other Bedouin cities where the kindness and generosity will shame you into the above state of expressing gratitude involuntarily.


You can do many things to Arabs, I mean real, traditional Arabs, the type that know who they are and are tied to all things spiritual and are in love with humankind, not the bogus media pin up boys and girls that are blasted into your retina,  but one thing you cannot do is call them miserly. If you do that, you may as well have killed them!

That is the highest insult for men and women of tradition.

Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom



Throwing your ego into the sea and watching it drown in the vastness of what
you don’t know.


Admitting you have the ego to drown and that the sea of vastness is there


Showing someone else how to do it.


Humility is what will commence the journey.
It will set you on fire in your love of learning, knowledge and wisdom.
A great scholar said, ‘The more I learned, the more ignorant I became’. Think about the context of this magnificent quote. Think about who said it and it’s weight.
He wasn’t ignorant by any means but this is an expression of humility and defeat. Admittance he’s a speck of nothing despite of who the public thought he was, in the vast ocean of knowledge that existed and opened up to him the more he learned.

Scholars and Warriors

scholars and warriors

“The society that separates its scholars
from its warriors will have its thinking
done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”
– Thucydides,
History of the Peloponnesian War (ca 410 BCE)

And what has become of todays society?

Brainless soldiers

Heartless scholars

Fashionable philosophers

Rapist politicians

Dishonest doctors

Manipulative media

Sheep common man

Women who tear their wombs out

Men who sever their genitals

Suck shit, reap what you sew!


Have you ever thought?


Have you ever thought,

Asthma might be an allergy to breathing?
Because despite the ‘no, no there’s no proof’ from doctors,
my eyes don’t lie and my heart knows better,
this shit wasn’t as prevalent in my youth….
No, once every now and then you’d hear about an asthmatic.
Not every second child needed beta agonist’s
to do what their lungs were meant to do.
Not every second child was banned from having a peanut butter sandwich
because of fear they’d break out in a rash or worse choke from asphyxiation,

There’s that breathing again.

Wait stop, they can’t even be around a child that is having a peanut butter sandwich?
No they can’t even be around a child that didn’t have a peanut butter sandwich
but may have been around another child that had a peanut butter sandwich.
Have you ever thought about this?
Have you ever thought about why boys can’t even have a chocolate bar
even if it doesn’t have nuts in it but may have been produced in a factory that also processes food with nuts?


Legalisation of forced inoculations,
Owned by corporations,
Creating patients of mass consummation,
of organisms,
Brains and bellies and central nervous systems,
For what?
Control of population?
Engineering of civilisation?

It’s a scary situation.

Have you ever thought,

Blindness might be a mercy from seeing?
Because seeing bodies discarded and severed by shrapnel,
Is just as bad as swallowing
a capsule,
a mouth full ,
an ear full,
a gut full,
of hateful,
enticement through media rich-imagery that’s spiteful,
designed to excite you,
and at the same time scare you,
have you swayed like a pendulum, – un-remorseful,
No it’s not normal,
for it not to move you.
So what use are your eyes if this is what you see?
When they’re disconnected from the organ that inspires you,
to good, to beauty, to love, to sorrow, to pain, to forgiving… to you?

Have you ever thought,

Deafness is ease from hearing?
Listening to the gossip,
the lies,
the screams of what eyes,
were closed for but the ears could not escape,
the sound of souls extracted as death comes to take,
the innocent cries of motherless children taken in Gods sake,
the shrills of a woman being raped,
the sounds of fathers sobs over coffin drapes,
Its not a mistake,
the ears are not meant to partake,
in this senseless heartache,
this is stuff no soul should be burdened to take.

Have you ever thought,

That your thoughts were not yours,
Just rallied up scores,
Of effects and cause,
Like the deceit of the Moores,
April fools trickery of war,
Mining your minds for flaws,
Just so their profit shares can soar,
To sell your habits like whores
To the highest bidder with more,
More money than clause,
So they can keep steering those thoughts,
as they please,
making you believe,
You’re free to conceive,
To achieve,
to retrieve,
Thinking memories you recollect are fact,
But if you retract
and delve a little deeper,
realise they planted that seed right from the start and you’ve been an asset,
a keeper
and been doing nothing more than responding to the carrot that’s dangled,
I can hear you all quip,
‘That’s a bit far fangled’.

Then again,

Have you ever thought?


Know, my sons.

code for my boys

Know my sons, men have codes.

Bravery is calling fear a liar.

Courage is proving fear a liar.

Chivalry, is knowing when to use courage or bravery.

Nobility is having the fortitude to follow through your conviction in both.

Honour is not straying from the code.

Honesty is the light that the code is illumed by

Truth is the gnawing at the soul that flat lines your ego.

Love is the energy that fuels all.

I hope that whatever I teach you or whatever I leave behind become firm foundations for you to build mountains upon and your progeny to build mountains on but no matter how mountainous you all may become, you remain grounded in the valleys of humility,

with people,

serving them,

being exemplar with the codes of being men,

of being human.

Do not forget that to be harsh when it is needed even in the face of relentless scrutiny is far nobler than laxity to please the lazy folk,

the unmotivated,

the detached,

the deprived of soul.

Know that kindness and gentleness in the face of a storm of violence and ridicule is more praiseworthy than siding with the masses.

Do not slip boys,

Hold to each other,

Hold to the above codes.