Omlette Rainbows and flimsy people


I thought about getting

tattoos over my scars

But a book is always

better than a movie


I have over one hundred stitches on my body…… I’d rather tell the story about how I got them to my children as mundane as they may be than to tell the story to my soul of the regret of creating colourful scars in haste and absent-mindedness.

I’m not taking a dig of people who get tattoos for very personal well thought out reasons, but I am questioning the plethora of what now appears to be fashion statements without real thought.

Young men covered with sleeves, getting tear drops etched on their cheeks as if to express fallen comrades or kills they’ve made but they walk around with plucked eyebrows,  white as snow sneakers that have never stepped in the mud of life, shaved bodies and a course of steroids for three months that inflated their ego’s more than it did their bodies. Young men who have never taken a good hiding and shook their opponents hand said ‘cheers, fair fight’  and walked away to live another battle. Just paper fucking people that burn in a puff of capooof as soon as a little heat enters their lives.
Fuck off with your bullshit tats.

Same goes for all you women getting painted for no fucking reason other than to sit in your mother’s house, taking selfies in your underwear trying to garner social media likes whilst you struggle like the rest of us with a normal life, covered up in your uniform at work, too embarrassed to reveal what you really do to your colleagues. When you have your second child and that loose skin won’t go away and that tat looks like a rainbow omelette, you’ll think  back, more than likely you’ll have a real scar, as the mettle of your make up is that weak that you won’t have the backbone to push a baby out naturally and beg for the epidural and for the doctor to gut you open.

Be careful guys. Think hard. Don’t be so fucking irresponsible and reactive.

Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom



Throwing your ego into the sea and watching it drown in the vastness of what
you don’t know.


Admitting you have the ego to drown and that the sea of vastness is there


Showing someone else how to do it.


Humility is what will commence the journey.
It will set you on fire in your love of learning, knowledge and wisdom.
A great scholar said, ‘The more I learned, the more ignorant I became’. Think about the context of this magnificent quote. Think about who said it and it’s weight.
He wasn’t ignorant by any means but this is an expression of humility and defeat. Admittance he’s a speck of nothing despite of who the public thought he was, in the vast ocean of knowledge that existed and opened up to him the more he learned.

Scholars and Warriors

scholars and warriors

“The society that separates its scholars
from its warriors will have its thinking
done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”
– Thucydides,
History of the Peloponnesian War (ca 410 BCE)

And what has become of todays society?

Brainless soldiers

Heartless scholars

Fashionable philosophers

Rapist politicians

Dishonest doctors

Manipulative media

Sheep common man

Women who tear their wombs out

Men who sever their genitals

Suck shit, reap what you sew!




I’m an extreme mist of the worst kind,
I’ll pose at one end of the spectrum,
In full sight,
Or a midnight blind.
I’ll fog your thoughts,
Stir the soil to be sewn,
Have you scurrying back and forth,
Rope ends of your mind.
So push me to that end,
Or to the other,
Through the thickness of it all,
Who knows what you’ll find.

Time to hijack the term back from the lazy throws and empty prattling of media musers.

Too long it has been deployed by the mass hysteria-mongering media, abused to stigmatise people.

Words are not theirs to use when they cannot appropriately contextualise them. They are ours.

The word extremist is not evil, not in the correct context or deployment.

Shakespeare is an extremist.
Beethoven is most definitely an extremist.
Einstein an extremist.
Ghandi an extremist.

Any person of worth or merit devotes themselves to an extreme beyond the norm to spring forth greatness and beauty the conformity of society cannot produce collectively in their mediocrity.


Extremism has no religion.


If ever there was an example made that extremists are ugly no matter what hideous corner of belief they espouse, it has been in the viral story of fourteen year old Ahmed, singled out as an extremist and being far from it, ironically by real extremists, that is his school teacher, principal and the police force which mistreated him at the school.
You don’t have to blow up a building or slaughter innocents to be labelled an extremist, you can be so defunct and devoid of soul and character, utterly lacking in wisdom and sound judgement and be fuelled by ignorance but more predominantly your arrogance and reluctance to see any other view but your own, and that would make you far worse an extremist in my opinion.


Deprived of rest

A man who pretends to be the king of his business better be prepared to share the spoils of war with his men.
Hear ye narcissist,
Nay, here, ye narcissist.
That is of course what you want to hear.
Were it not for your ability to make others see your reflection,
Then your image would not have blinded you from realising that all along,
They let you keep your spoils because of understanding just how much you could not stand yourself.
They saw your pain, your emptiness, your discontent and let you have it all.
But of course, you’re the king and they the subservient.
You did nothing at all but a wink alludes you,
Whilst they rest their brow after a days toil.


Trust in what?




It is foolhardy to place trust in this world which makes no exception to betray us at first opportunity. It takes your wealth, health, family, loved ones lives and finally yours.
What ignorance it is to lay our lot in it’s hands and not the hands of it’s Master when it will face the same end as us.






Some people get it. Great talk

My sister from another Mr.

Elucidation on point! No need to fancy it up, this girl gets it!

Language, presentation and model example, perfect.

If you’re honest, she’ll make you peel your skin.

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How ignorant is the man who stands atop the mountain,

Bathing in his glory of accomplishment

Forgetting the sacrifice of the rubble beneath him


Simplicity of optimism


“An optimist is simply a man who hasn’t heard the news.”
OR woman for that matter.
No it’s not someone who doesn’t watch the news. Let’s not all become literalists now, rather it’s someone who is so tunnel visioned  that they block out all unnecessary feedback, all input, all incoming data streams to purify their thoughts and only focus on what they want.

Granted, the news is one cesspool of negativity, I have no idea why intelligent people actually indulge in it…… Hang on, they don’t.

Next time you wonder why your state of affairs is in disarray, hold the mirror up and take a long hard look at your indulgences. TV, news, slapstick shows, cinema, media etc…… well you know your answer.