-how to seduce anyone from a distance


There’s sensuality in mystery,
a carnality of want,
a discipline of self restraint,
imagination and temptation make for good motivators,
muses juxtaposed to the anchor of dignity and honour,
and as lust drips,
from jugular,
from collar,
pelvis and finger tips,
I wonder if you can contain it all,
press those lips,
a seal,
a promise not to transgress,
and yet be such an inviting and alluring thing.

It’s violent,
utterly insolent,
to be so transparent,
and display all your ornaments,
to not leave a little signal,
yourself and don’t relent,
and with intent, repent.
Remain distant,
and guard your scent,
be unreachable,
touchable only through words,
insatiably absent.

-Wesam El dahabi

2 thoughts on “-how to seduce anyone from a distance”

  1. This just reminds me of having a spirit human that is untouchable so you withdraw. Your soul wants to dig deeper, but alas the constructs of this worlds won’t have it. This quote connects to your words in a way….“ Out beyond the ideas of wrong and right doing there is a field, I will meet you there”.

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