Dear world


Dear world,

Thank you for finding me unattractive,
what I couldn’t change on the outside,
was the catalyst for ensuring I’d toil my insides.

What dulled my need for your approval,
sharpened my self scrutiny.

What made me develop a shell so hard, so grotesque,
strong and impenetrable,
ready and willing to engage in the detestable,
also softened my heart to make me never use it all
against you.

I’m the monster you want to react,
I’m the quiet guy you want to attack,
the one who has a target on his back,
to empty your insecurities on, and all you lack.

I’m the meek guy who couldn’t speak up,
who had plenty to say but tongue was stuck,
caught between embarrassment and manners,
wedged between a wall and a truck.

A train wreck, a wrecked chain of thought,
conviction, confusion, in a web, caught,
loaded mind, tranquil heart, ready fists,
on the front line of battle, coming up short.

Perhaps the reason for introverts,
are created the way they are,
is that the world would not be able to handle,
all that was contained inside of them,
were it to be released outside of them.


Art: Risking Enchantment by Margarita Georgiadis’

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