The surety of insecurity


You’ve never seen cowardice as grand as mine,
because I hide so well behind brawn and fist,
you’ve never come across a dream like smell,
a mask of perfume lest pungency you whiff.

A distraction, diversion, slight of the hand,
because my struggles you wouldn’t understand,
I swagger with prose and confidence grand,
to keep you from seeing this fragile man.

It’s easy to be brave to stand up with valour,
to show the world the battles you’ve won,
but vulnerability and standing in birds eye view,
is the war that will have you become, undone.

I am the best introvert,
hiding is most definitely my art,
and I am the best extrovert,
when I fear I will fall apart.

Come gather then,
witness me in all my glory aflame,
Afraid, and childlike,
meek, that you’d know my name.

But admit it, haven’t I painted for you,
an image that will haunt your marrow,
I doubt you’ll ever long for confidence and bravery,
perhaps now, you’re softened, to the man alone in sorrow.


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