Introversion forty three


Your silent treatment is not my kryptonite,
stillness shall only grow my resolve,
you can’t harm me by your shunning,
I will catapult all that is inside into servitude and solace.

What a gift you can give me, by ignoring me.

It’s not by chance that the imaginations of writers of comics, and superhero folklore all flock to the idea of self contained and secretive introverts who are superheros.

Where does your art come from, your science, your music and innovation?
Where do the things you take for granted get thought up, who’s minds are busy at work whilst others bodies are busy using up the privileges they take for granted?

It is a rare occasion you’d find an extrovert at the helm of creation, innovation, invention and deep thought. It is rare you will see art that lasts for centuries coming from their souls. They’re just not built that way.

Next time you see a quiet person minding their own business, smile, don’t disturb them if they don’t smile back, don’t feel ignored or any less, but smile and know there is a process in place, and some of us find it hard to divert our attention so easily.


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