Spiritual miser



My teacher has said from day one,
of the very first time I heard his voice,
sat in front of him,
folded legs, bent at the hips,
protruding towards him,
the old fashion way,
my heart facing his,
his state annihilating mine,

He said, “When you ask, what it costs, if the path had a tongue, it would reply ‘ Everything you got’ “.

What are we willing to pay for spiritual clarity, for the real stuff, not the junk that looks good on social media, or has you walking around smelling of incense.
The real stuff. Would you be willing to become a beggar and vagrant?
Not that this is the metric of measurement for spirituality, but the readiness and indifference were you to become it, most definitely is.

Here I am in all my arrogance, thinking my offerings make me some kind of aspirant, and I am yet to crawl let alone take a noble step.

-Wesam El dahabi

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