It’s not gender specific,
to want to be loved one way or another,
to be lusted for, fantasised over,
chased, longed for,
baited, seduced,
willingly, reluctantly,
playfully, or with rigid concern.

So I have sharpened her incisors,
and she has four brothers with hearts of Lions,
though her teeth are sharp,
her heart is of a lamb,
she won’t be anyone’s doormat,
and she won’t be anyone’s feed,
but whoever has her, will be on his toes,
not knowing in her embrace,
shackled in her prison,
he’ll never want to be freed.

It takes a very mediocre man,
to be frightened of a strong woman,
to see her strength as being intimidating,
but it takes an even more mediocre woman,
to think that she has to subdue him,
to make him love her more.


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