the insignificance of all you’ve learned


Better yet, we lost education when we were civilised into thinking we didn’t need to hunt for our food, to be tooled up, conscious and aware and know how nature offered it’s food to us in balance and proportion.

When we became domesticated into three squares, and gluttony.

We have information at our fingertips, the metaphorical drip feed, but we’re dumber than ever, and we’d die in the wilderness of real knowledge.

If a plastic surgery enhanced idiot can be the inspirational life coach for billions, then we deserve the side effects of feasting on the fast food of ignorance and ego enriching mundaneness.

Yes, I am growing weary,
I am weary,
Perhaps just growing,
All I know,
is that I know nothing,
in all my knowing,
and that has been the greatest thing I have learned.


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