I don’t want your blessings, unless…..



The utter madness of our world is hard to compute.
A blessing has to be hidden, has to be veiled for it to be accepted.
Were it apparent and manifest, we reject it. Because blessings are somehow assumed to be mystical, secretive, unapparent and only appreciated in this manner.
To receive and or be aware of blessings in plain sight is too normal and plain, not exotic enough.

We are willing to accept blessings only after being shown the ugly end of the something that comes our way, because by default, if it isn’t flowing with ease, if you have to struggle for it, if you have to face some kind of adversity, then the world is assumed to have conspired against you, up to the point that things take a turn and you realise that what you thought was unbearable, becomes something you’re glad happened, bringing clarity only after the event or situation.

We delude ourselves into believing it is what we wanted all along. We’re good at convincing ourselves, a synthesised happiness in the words of Dr Dan Gilbert.

The term blessing in disguise is reserved for ultra mundane and lax people who lazily plod along without any deep thought or internal monologue in their lives. To be so disconnected, so severed from seeing things as they are. The default of humanity has shifted from consciousness, to a zombie waltz with ignorance, perhaps even sadly ironic that zombie movies, shows and popularity has been slowly hazing over the general populace until it has become cult like in following.

We know we’re knuckle dragger’s by nature have have tried to walk upright for centuries. Now it seems we walk upright but long to knuckle drag once again, we’re devolving, detaching, unhinging and falling deeper into slumber, and calling that normal and when a blessing takes place, not that it never does take place and it isn’t actually in reality occurring at every moment, then we are mystified by the super-naturalness of awareness and consciousness of it.


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