I’m so afraid of unbecoming,
that I’ve un-become.
So stifled in the midst of stillness,
with no one to turn to,
nowhere to run.

This cycle of oft returning,
ever burning,
helpless abasement,
and stomach churning.

I can’t stop it,
so with irony wrought for imbeciles,
I fight it,
I grit my teeth and face it.

And in the thick of battle,
with no one to turn to,
with no where to run,
that is where courage forges inside you,
That is where the war is won,
Valour and bravery, one in one.

You’ll find us always in the midst,
lost in the haze,
disorientated in the fog,
with stillness, in this is the meditative state,
sticking it through until the covenant,
promised by God,
‘Verily with hardship comes ease,
verily with hardship comes ease’,
is fulfilled.

-Wesam El dahabi.

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