caterpillar man

caterpillarEveryone wants to be a butterfly,
but I want to return to being a caterpillar.

-Wesam El dahabi.


Metaphors for attentions whores,
Attention deficit, a box ticking score,
Worship me, lift me, I need more,
give me wings, I want to soar.

Meanwhile on the other end….

We have cut our wings and seen our flaws,
Left the sea, returned to shore,
Walked through extravagance and all its gore,
Long to cocoon, back to our core.

For my brethren introverts,
who hate the noise of extravagance,
the limelight of showing off,
the chaotic storm of extroversion and disarray it causes them.

Who are perfectly fine,
even happier being alone,
slowly and purposely moving.

We’re happy to look like the caterpillars,
you can keep your wings,
but ponder for a second,
did you forget we spin silk?


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