You, don’t really matter

I can feel my skin burn from the glares of the generations growing to believe
these hyper bloated mantras.

People using the vulnerabilities of others to exploit them into false self worship.

The reality is, you don’t matter. You’re but a trickle of piss, in the river of life and
the sad thing is, you can’t smell how foul the odour is of your own passing.

It’s not your job to say if you matter or not, others do that for you.
You can’t say if you’re loveable or not, others do that for you.

If you want to matter, then be someone who matters, do something that matters.
If you want to be loved, you don’t love yourself, you become something loveable,
just like you expect to love someone who has qualities you deem loveable.

This frantically weak and depressed culture of youth walking around with,

‘Mum said I’m special’,

badges on their left breast is nauseating. You’re not! Your mother was a liar or ignorant or both.

Not everyone gets a trophy. Both sides don’t win. Not everyone is loveable. Not everyone matters.

As soon as you realise this, more importantly, as soon as you actualise this, you take on a promoted role of excellence amongst people.

Your humility is magnetic as people do not feel threatened by your inflated ego, you’re inflammatory sense of entitlement by default.

You don’t matter by saying you matter, nor even by saying you don’t matter. The first is delusion and ignorance, the second is pompousness or defeatist.

You matter by practising not mattering through blindness to the concept of either/or and being indifferent to the outcome.

If it matters to you that you matter, then you don’t.

Wesam El dahabi

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