I’m attracted to
eyes that have hurt burned into them

Skin that is dry from self flagellation

Tongues that are heavy with words unspoken

I enjoy their hurt, abandonment and silence

But it makes me wonder,
Am I a bad person for being attracted to their woes,
or am I saintly for seeing it.

-Wesam El dahabi

I feel guilty for seeing vulnerabilities sometimes,
but I feel joy when I can express their realities,
to people with a little prose,
show, that they’re in my sights.

When I can unveil the reality of their state,
for the world to see in vivid colour,
and remove the anchors of taboo,
the stigmas of non-acknowledgement,
the stares of non-acceptance.

There is far more beauty,
in the processes of hurt and healing,
than there is in mediocrity and complacency.

And this is how I breathe,
this is how I exhale,
a resuscitation into their mouth.


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