the illusion of happiness

Don’t let them take your happiness,
and sell it back to you.

What if I told you that you have been lied to.
That the happiness you seek is causing you all the grief.
That should you change your attitude towards happiness,
and stop seeking it,
you may actually then fast track your travels towards it.

To seek something with too much concern, carries with it an connotation that you are desperately missing that thing you are seeking.

That tattoos on our soul that we are incomplete, an irony in itself, subconsciously activating anxiety, fear, unhappiness, depression and a myriad more states, attitudes and feelings.

The more you seek it, the harsher your drive towards it, the greater the disaster you are setting yourself up for, the greater the plunge.

Perhaps then, – not to throw the baby out with the bathwater – the answer is in the state of indifference (not in a tragic nihilistic sense) and merely being, whilst still pursuing wholesome and soul nourishing things, but not being so utterly weighed down by our lack of those things as we journey towards them or whatever goal it is we desire.

Perhaps our role is more mechanical than we thought, without over-philosphising our stance on where we are on the scale of happiness.

That is, to merely be, to merely do, and leave the rest up to the divine will, the cosmos and nature.

Stop chasing it, it’s making you miserable. Savour it if it comes, but don’t buy into the fake-ness spread across social media, general media, corporations and other industries designed to sell you happiness.

Be conscious and aware when something is being sold to you. There are billions of dollars being spent on how to lure you into false depression, anxiety, worry, stress and unhappiness to make you think you need to buy something to come out of it. The old snake oil hucksterism is still around.


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