Introversion Impulses – 13

Introversion Impulses – 13

At times, our inside world,
Doesn’t match our outside world.
Often, the blessing goes by unnoticed.
That we’re oblivious,
And should be thankful,
We have an inside world to begin with.


The excuse for the lame,
for the mediocre,
for those that haven’t the will,
nor desire to toe the line of taboo,
to find what hurts and peek over the edge,
hang from a ledge just to feel the weight of their body,
held only by their fingertips,
but content with the breeze between their floating legs,
is that;
we’re crazy,
that we’ve lost it,
that we aren’t normal.


Because they lack such a vivid inner world as we do.
They don’t hear their own voice let alone many voices.
They don’t feel anything but outside their skin,
so how are they meant to know the soul of us,
the ticking time bombs waiting to splash vivid colours of paint,
off our inner palates, onto our canvases.
So we stay inside.
No, they’re dull, they’re lifeless,
and it hurts so much they have to paint others,
the same way as themselves,
it is too much effort,
to look anywhere else,
except at where others are looking,
where other’s eyes are lurking.
Are they seeing you,
isn’t better than,
are we seeing ourselves.


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