how to lose me


how to lose me

The moment I see her loving herself,
I wont,

that’s my job, not hers


She hates herself with a paranoia fit for my attention.
What use am I if she becomes infatuated with herself,
comfortable, in love with her reflection,
deluded to perfection,
assuming she is accomplished.

I’ve never met a narcissist,
who had someone that cradled them,
with eyes that never blink away from them.

I never met someone that was broken,
truly broken, and manifest it in their state of being,
that didn’t have someone close by,
tending to their wounds.

There’s food for thought for you as to this state of never ending lies perpetuated to people about loving yourself.
If you love yourself that much, then the irony of self love is you remain alone, even with someone by your side, you’re still never with them and they with you.
Go on, keep on loving yourself, and complain of being alone, I’ve never heard of a thing so absurd.


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