return to foetus, always

return to foetus, always

there’s no shower long enough
no cloud soft enough
nor cocoon small enough
to keep you together sometimes

sometimes society is responsible for for the fabric of us
other times, we’re responsible for the fabric of you
were it not for our subtle reminders to you
through art, poetry and music
what a wretched life you’d posses.

there has to be people at the helm
soldiers of the outer
protecting soldiers of the inner
soldiers of body
protecting soldiers of soul
soldiers of blood and sinew
protecting soldiers of poetry and heart
all of them, soldiers of humanity

men and women
birthing warriors to live on
we need these anchors
to remind us of the bottomless oceans we’ve become
deep, dark, vast but empty
there’s no life in us
ever as blue as beauty can be painted
as a pill can claim you
as lifeless and cold as death

how do we return to foetus
if we’re cutting ourselves from the womb of mother nature
how do we bathe in its warm waters
if they won’t even allow our mother
to birth us the way she will come to know how
men, teaching women, what to do, when to do it,
women, quickly taking orders wanting to wear their pants
like they know more

if i have any advice to give, it is, women of the earth,
do not aspire to be men, be who you are,
you already have an advantage
keep your wombs warm with love inherent in you
if any of us will return to humanity
it will be for a longing pang for the
togetherness of your womb
the beat of your heart
the pulse of your vein


Same photography as yesterday, by David Uzochukwu

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