-digging deeper than you want to

-digging deeper than you want to

It is possible to love and hate something at once.
‘How?’ asked truth.
‘Look in the mirror’, replied the sage.
‘No one has ever been as persecuted or worshipped as much as you.’


Not many people are willing to be this naked,
To float in the obscurity of honesty and truthfulness,
To slay the lies within them to reveal the beauty of the real.
So they swagger in and out of appearances like winds,
Winds that rage through deserts,
Sandstorms of harm,
Against themselves,
Drying out their very eyes,
Without tears,
Without remorse.
They whimper at their ignorance,
Only when their skin is cracked,
When their flesh is exposed,
When they bleed so profusely they would kill again to heal.
Maybe that is why we’re at each others throats,
All of us, barren, cracked wide open,
Eyes tightly shut,
Eating at the carcass of humanity with blunt teeth,
Never satiated, never satisfied.
Eyelids painted, eyebrows tattooed, skin sprayed, body injected,
Fed on the lies of appearances in every conceivable way,
Mocking others, crying for relevance with the same breath.
I feel pity and rage,
I feel sorrow and despondence,
I am empowered, on my own,
And utterly helpless with you.



Art by David Uzochukwu

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