whispered wails

It used to hurt,
To be aware.

But this  my Solomon moment,

Where a creature like me,
Let me hear it’s tale,
Sagely it whimpered across,
Not a gnostic,
But a snail,
Asking me to spare it with its whispered wail.

And this was it’s advice to me,

Be exile,
Be annihilated,
Remove everything , until you move slower,
Until you savour the moment,
And leave behind a residue of you,
Tracks for others to find your secret.

And I’ve been obsessed with this moment for weeks,
A daily walk turned into divine advice,
From the most introverted creature,
Afraid no one cares for its shell.

Needless to say,
I went into hyper-drive awareness of anything moving,
I need all the advice I can get.

How do you move slower,
Except by removing all things that race in your life?


This is an actual photo of my wise friend.

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